SmartStops Market Risk Report- Week Ending July 30, 2010

Market Risk: High But Improving

The market Risk remains above normal but has declined significantly over the last several weeks. 

This past week the overall ratio of stocks in a state of above normal risk verses normal risk continued to decline hitting 44.5%, the lowest since May 3rd. 

Percent In High Risk State

(Equities are considered to be in an above normal state of risk from the first SmartStops exit trigger in a series until a reentry trigger has been hit).

The percent of individual equities triggering their SmartStops exit on any given day started the week low but did climb as the week progressed.  Monday 0.8%, Tuesday 2.2%, Wednesday 3.7%, Thursday 4.5%. 

100 day mean: 2.6%.  This Weeks Average Through Thursday: 2.8%Percent Triggering Each Day

New Historical Performance Benefit Analysis Tool Highlights The Power of Sidestepping Risk.

How much would you have benefitted by sidestepping periods identified as presenting above normal risk in any of your positions?

Now you know!  SmartStops has released its new performance comparison calculator accessible on the SmartStops return page. 

As investors, we can not predict the future and don't' know when an equity will experience a period of above normal risk, but we can react and take protective action quickly when an increase in risk is detected. 

What if you had taken action and sidestepped risk early in the Toyota recall crisis (TM), the recent market challenges faced by Research In Motion (RIMM), or the BP disaster (BP)? Visit the new performance comparison calculator to find out!

View the SmartStops return and click the performance comparison tab.


  • Return Benefit
  • Risk Reduction Benefit
  • Opportunity Cost Benefit
  • What You Earned For Each Day In The Market

Toyota Performance Comparison

We hope you enjoy this new feature and find SmartStops helpful in achieving your investment goals.

Always know your risk.  Monitor - Alert - Protect.

Happy Investing

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