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October 6, 2011



Halloween is coming up soon and it's a busy and exciting time of year for candlemakers!  ALL of our 1oz fragrance samples are on sale for 50% off (see details below) so you can order all the fragrances you've been wanting to try!   Please note our current average processing time is 1 - 2 business days.

As always, we appreciate your business!  Don't let the ghosts and goblins get you!

The Lone Star Candle Supply Team 
Fragrance Oil Sample Sale - Only 99
 Sample Fragrance Oils 
Through Monday, October 17th, ALL of our 1oz fragrance oils are on sale for half price...only 99 each!  Now is your chance to sample these popular fragrance oils at a great discount.  Limit (2) 1oz bottles per fragrance oil.  This is a great way to test out some of those scents you have always wanted to try!
Top 20 Best Selling Jars ... 
Anchor Hocking Flared Square Jar 12oz 
With over 100 glassware items to choose from, sometimes it gets a little overwhelming to decide which style jar might be best for your candle sales. 
To help you, we have listed some of our top sellers.  These are just the top 20 (in alphabetical order, not in specific order of sales volume), however, it will give you a good idea of what is most popular. 
We are a national distributor for Libbey, Inc., carrying all of their most popular candle containers, and we carry popular styles from Anchor Hocking as well.  Some other favorites are our tureen jars, classic dodecagon jars, as well as hexagon jars in various sizes.  Lids are sold separately.  Check them out!
1.  4oz Mini Apothecary Jar with lid
2.  Anchor Hocking Country Comfort Jar 10oz
3.  Anchor Hocking Country Comfort Jar 16oz
4.  Anchor Hocking Flared Square 12oz
5.  Classic Jar 1.5oz
6.  Classic Jar 6.5oz
7.  Classic Jar 10oz
8.  Classic Jar 16oz
9.  Hexagon Jar 6.5oz
10. Hexagon Jar 9oz
11. Libbey Interlude Jar 21.5oz
12. Libbey Status Jar 8oz
13. Libbey Status Jar 12.25oz
14. Libbey Votive Pot 4oz
15. Square Mason Jar 8oz
16. Tureen Jar 6oz
17. Tureen Jar 8oz
18. Tureen Jar 11oz
19. Victorian Jar 6.5oz
20. Victorian Jar 12.7oz
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Scent Sample Sale
Best Selling Jars
NEW! IGI 4826 Wax
Formulated specifically for use in scented wax chips, tarts, and clamshell molds.  Excellent scent throw and easy release from clamshell molds!  We've tested it out and it works GREAT! 

Try it for yourself and start selling popular high quality clamshell tarts today!!
Don't forget you'll also need...
 Clamshell Molds

 Clamshell mold

These tart molds are SO easy to use and very popular!  Break apart 6 cavity tart mold.  Each square is approximately 1" x 1".  Pour scented wax directly into the package, apply your label, and you're ready to sell! 

Each cavity holds approx. .4oz of wax.

Bag of 12 - $4.75

Daylight Savings Time...
 Alarm Clock
Don't forget to "Fall Back" soon and change your clocks!  DST begins on
Sunday, November 6th
at 2 a.m.
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