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Lone Star Candle Supply Newsletter March 26, 2010
Well, Spring has finally sprung...even though in some areas it doesn't quite feel like it yet!  Easter is less than two weeks away, so time to get crackin'!  In this month's issue is a fun and easy Easter egg candle project, as well as an article on making your own soy massage candles.
As always we appreciate your business.  Have fun with your candle making!
The Lone Star Candle Supply Team
Fun Easter Egg Candles... 
Easter Egg Candles
For a festive touch to your Easter, use hollowed-out dyed eggshells for tealight candles.  Or, you can place a small wick inside the eggshell and  pour melted container wax directly into the shell.  Make sure you have your eggs sitting in a candle safe container if you light them. Note:  If you decide to use the eggshells merely as a holder for your tealight cups, make sure you purchase large or extra large eggs so the base will be large enough to hold the tealight cup.  Whether you decide to make tealight cups or pour wax directly into the shell, you can either leave the wax white or for extra festivity, dye it fun, pastel colors with our easy-to-use dye blocks.  Add the fragrance of Cotton Blossom or Spring Rain for that extra special touch!
Soy massage candle 
Soy Massage Candles...
Almost everyone loves candles, the scent and the atmosphere.  Equally, most people enjoy getting a massage.  Combine a massage with the scent and feel of a soy massage candle and you have an experience that can be relaxing and enjoyable.  Making a massage candle is not difficult and has been growing rapidly in popularity in high-end spas.  Also, makes a great gift!
What is a soy massage candle exactly? Massage candles are also called lotion candles or body candles.  We recommend using EcoSoya CB-135 soy wax because of it's low melt point.  EcoSoya CB-135 is cosmetic grade, dermatology tested, has a low melt point of 122F, is made with 100% vegetable, soybean and botanical oils, and ships well in all climates.  It requires only one pour and has excellent scent throw and adhesion.  Perfect for massage candles! 
How To Make Massage Candles:  Melt the CB-135 soy wax and combine with oils (and butters if desired).  Without the use of oils the wax would cool and harden as it's being massaged into the skin.  Many different skin-soothing ingredients can be added to a massage candle, including Olive oil, Sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, Shea butter, and Cocoa butter. 
Once you have decided on which oils (and butters if desired) you will be adding, mix the following:  For every 3 oz of wax, you will add 1 oz of liquid oil (olive oil, sweet almond oil, etc.), and 1/4 oz of fragrance.  If you decide to add butter (i.e., cocoa butter, shea butter, etc.) you will need to substitute 1 oz of the wax for 1 oz of the butter. Note:  We have over 300 quality fragrance oils on our website and each one indicates whether they are skin safe or not.  Be sure to choose a fragrance oil that IS skin safe.  Do NOT add any colors or dyes to your candle since it will be applied to the skin.  
Once you have melted the soy wax and oil (and butter, if using) add the fragrance and stir gently.  Stirring too fast will create air bubbles, so go slowly.  Once the wax has cooled but is still liquid enough to pour, place your wicks and pour the wax mixture into your containers.  Allow several hours for the candles to harden.  Trim the wicks to one quarter of an inch above the top of the candle, and...voila, they're ready to burn!
Once you've made your massage candles, light one and burn it for 15 minutes or so to enjoy the wonderful scent.  Then, extinguish the flame and use it as a warm massage oil.  All of the wonderful ingredients in the wax will soothe dry skin.  Perfect for foot massages!  Enjoy!
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If you have a lot of wax left in the pouring pot after making a batch of candles, you can start a "remnant candle."  With each batch you do, you can pour the excess into the same jar.  Once the jar is full, you will have one very unique candle!
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