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Lone Star Candle Supply Newsletter October 8, 2009
Can you believe it is already October?  Things are well underway for the upcoming holiday season.  In this month's issue we have several BIG announcements!  We previously sent a survey to many customers and you let us know that you would like to see us carry a wider selection of glassware.  Well, we have been working very diligently to bring you MANY new products and they are finally here and in stock! 
We now have over 70 new items from Libbey and Anchor Hocking!  Much of our existing glassware has been drastically reduced to new, everyday lower prices...some as much as 20%!
We also now offer on our website published pallet pricing on ALL of our glassware and most lids!  No more having to wait and call us to find out a price on a larger quantity of an item.
YOU are the reason we have been successful over the past 10 years, have continued to grow and offer new products, and, as always, we want to thank all of our fantastic and loyal customers - you truly are the best
The Lone Star Candle Supply Team 
Many New Items from Libbey and Anchor... 
Libbey Status Jar 12.25oz
Please go to our website at www.lonestarcandlesupply.com
to check out our big selection of containers and lids from Libbey and Anchor Hocking.  We now have over 120 glassware and lid items to choose from!  Below are just a few of the containers we now carry at great, everyday, low prices.
 Libbey Tapered Square 11ozLibbey Interlude Jar 4.25ozLibbey Bean Pot Jar 12.5ozLibbey Cylinder Jar 15oz
Libbey Tapered        Libbey           Libbey Bean         Libbey
    Square Jar      Interlude Jar         Pot Jar          Cylinder Jar
Libbey Candle Bowl 5.25ozLibbey Vibe Jar 4.25ozLibbey Whisper Jar 18.5ozLibbey Storage Jar 22oz
 Libbey Candle         Libbey       Libbey Whisper       Libbey
     Bowl Jar             Vibe Jar              Jar               Storage Jar
Libbey Lucida Jar 22ozAnchor Hocking Flared Square Jar 12ozAnchor Hocking Christmas Tree Jar w/ Lid 14.5ozLibbey Tumbler HB Rocks 11oz
 Libbey Lucida  Anchor Flared  Anchor Christmas   Libbey
         Jar               Square Jar         Tree Jar          Tumblers
Why Should I Consider Premium Glassware for MY Customers...
As a candlemaker, you ask yourself questions like "How can I create a signature look that differentiates me from other candlemakers? "If I change the style of my jars will my customers like them?" "Can I charge more money for Libbey candle jars vs. less expensive imported glass or will this lead to fewer sales?"
Shelf Appeal and Branding
These are all important decisions you have to make.  Having a unique candle jar is important for several reasons.  You need to create "shelf appeal" so the customer is intrigued enough to pick up your candle and see if they like it.  It's also important to create brand recognition that make your candles memorable.  You don't think twice about putting lots of time and energy into getting your candles to burn just right...it's also very important to put the same thought and energy into testing out several potential jar styles and deciding which one(s) sell best for you and appeal to your customers.
Increase Overall Sales
Depending on where you market your candles one style may be preferable over another.  Some customers will always prefer the popular country-style look of a Mason jar or salsa jar, while others will prefer a more sophisticated look.  Why limit yourself?  It's good to have several options available so you can gain more marketshare and increase your overall sales.
Made In The USA
For some customers it may be important to them to purchase a product that is "Made in the USA" with domestic glass and not imported.  We now have a wide range of Libbey Glass and Anchor Hocking glass to choose from, in addition to the popular favorites we have carried for many years.
Special Polishing Process
Libbey glass is actually made with a special flame polishing process so the finished candles sparkle on store shelves.  The crystal quality of Libbey glassware and their unique designs helps to create a candle that stands apart from the rest, allowing you to charge more for this "premium" candle.
So, go ahead and offer several choices for your different customers...one style that appeals to the more price-driven customer and one that really brands you and makes your candles memorable.  You can't beat that!
Fragrance of the Month ... Sugar Cookie
Fragrance Oil - Sugar Cookie
Now through October 31st, our "Fragrance of the Month", Sugar Cookie, is only $9.95.  This offer applies to 16 oz. size fragrance oil only.  Limit 2 per customer.  This discount may not be combined with other discounts.
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LOTS of Great Stuff In This Issue
New Libbey and Anchor Glass and Lids
Featured Article: Why Should I Consider Premium Glassware
Fragrance of the Month
Popular Fall Fragrances
New Lids
Glass Samples
Reduced Pricing
Popular Fall/Holiday Fragrance Oils 
New Lids...
Libbey Glass Dome Lid
Libbey Glass Dome Lid
Libbey Glass Bubble Lid
Libbey Glass Bubble Lid
Libbey Glass Flat Lid
Libbey Glass Flat Lid 
Metal Lid Bronze (Large)
Metal Bronze Lid 
 Metal Lid Silver (Large)
Metal Silver Lid
 Plastic Cover (Round)
Plastic Cover (Round) 
Not Sure Which Jar You Might Want to Use? 
We now offer the vast majority of our glassware and lids in single piece quantities so you can sample them!  Most all of our containers and lids are now sold separately so you can mix and match and create the look YOU want!
New Drastically Reduced Pricing... 
on the VAST majority of our existing glassware line! This will remain our everyday, low pricing. Check it out!
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