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Lone Star Candle Supply Newsletter June 19, 2009
Well, summer is here and it is hot, hot, hot!  It's time for you to spice things up in candlemaking by offering wood wick candles to your customers!  To celebrate the kickoff of summer, we are having a sale on our newly introduced wood wicks.  We also have several new items, including our Wood Wick Sampler Kit, available for the same price.  Be sure to check out all our new items!
Happy Candlemaking!
The Lone Star Candle Supply Team
Wood Wicks are On Sale ... 
Wood Wick Sampler Kit 
Combine the aroma of a scented candle with the sounds and smells of wood crackling in an open fire.  We all know how popular the "Wood Wick" brand candles have become.  Well, now, you can make your own wood wick candles.  Lone Star Candle Supply is the exclusive US distributor for an all-new patented soft wood wick!  If you've tried other wood wicks before, this one is not the same...you've got to try it!  Now on sale through the end of June for $4.76/dz.
Made from the finest natural wood in the USA, they are each cut to approximately 5" in size and pressure processed for three days and the end result is a superior burning wick.  These wicks are designed for outstanding performance, burning clean with an excellent melt pool and great fragrance throw!  They are very easy to use and come with custom wick tabs.  Click here to see the 4 sizes we offer...small, medium, large and extra large.  We also now offer a Wood Wick Sampler Kit for the same sale price of $4.76/dz so you can try out all 4 sizes!
The step-by-step tutorial on how to make these wood wick candles is in the righthand column of this Newsletter.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to offer wood wick candles to your customers!!
New ECO 10 inch Wicks Here... 
ECO Wick
We now have available on our website 6 new ECO wick sizes in the 10 inch length for wicking those taller candles or pillars.  Click
here to see them all.
  Wick Sampler Kit  - ECO Series (10 inch)Not sure which wick size is best??  Now available is our Wick Sampler Kit - ECO Series (10 inch) which contains 5 of each of the ECO 10 inch wick sizes for a total of 30 wicks.  Price $6.50
Fragrance of the Month... Apple Hot Baked Pie - On Sale for $9.95!
Apple Hot Baked Pie
Now through June 30, our "Fragrance of the Month", Apple Hot Baked Pie, is only $9.95!  This offer applies to 16 oz. size fragrance oil only.  Limit 2 per customer.  This discount may not be combined with other discounts.
Quick Tip: Avoid Extreme Temperatures 
With summertime here, it's important to make sure your container candles stay in a climate controlled environment in order to maintain a professional look.  Exposure to extremes in temperature can increase the occurrence of wet spots.
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Wood Wicks On Sale!
More New ECO Wicks
Fragrance of the Month
Featured Article: How to Make Wood Wick Candles
New Items... 

12.7 oz Victorian Jars with Silver Lids

 12.7 oz Victorian Jars with Silver Lids
 $9.96/case of 12
16 oz 12-Sided Classic Jars with Silver Lids
16 oz 12-Sided Classic Jars with Silver Lids
 $11.16/case of 12 
Lots of new jars coming soon...
Featured Article 
Wood Wick 
How To Make Wood Wick Candles
Our featured article this month is a Step-By-Step Tutorial that walks you through exactly how to make professional-looking, high quality wood wick candles.  They are the latest trend in candles and are very easy to make and burn.  Offer them to your customers today! 
Click How To Tab a Wood Wick for a Step-By-Step instructional guide on this.
Find additional helpful tips and guidelines in our Candle Making University (CMU) by clicking here.
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