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Lone Star Candle Supply Newsletter February 6, 2009
Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  We've got some fun candlemaking projects for you to try in this month's issue.  They would make great Valentine's Day gifts for just about anyone!
Happy Candlemaking!
The Lone Star Candle Supply Team 
Fragrance of the Month... Red Hot Cinnamon - On Sale for $9.95!
Fragrance Oil - Red Hot Cinnamon
Now through February 28th, our "Fragrance of the Month", Red Hot Cinnamon, is only $9.95!  Regular price is $17.95...a savings of almost 45%.  This offer applies to 16 oz. size fragrance oil only.  Limit 2 per customer.  This discount may not be combined with other discounts.
Valentine's Day ... 
Mini Scraggles (White w/ Red Bow)
Mini Scraggles is VERY popular for Valentine's Day.  Give him as a gift or dip him in scented wax for a truly unique gift idea.  His extra long white fur makes him perfect for dipping.  Approx. 6.5 inches tall (when sitting).  Only $4.49 each. Sold individually.
Click here for detailed instructions on How to Make Wax Dipped Bears.
Fragrance Descriptions
Ever wonder what those detailed fragrance descriptions actually mean?  What exactly is a top note, middle note and an accord?  Here are a few definitions that might be helpful.
What is a Top Note?
This is the part of the fragrance that is created to attract you.  It's the first impression when you smell the fragrance for the first time at the opening of the bottle.  The top note doesn't last long.
What is a Middle Note?
This is the heart of the fragrance.  The character and personality of the fragrance.  It follows the top note and brings the accord of the fragrance.  The accord being the part of a fragrance that makes it different from the other fragrances.  Usually made by a fine blend of several specific raw materials.
What is a Bottom Note?
This is the part of the fragrance that determines the longevity of the blend.  It is responsible for the lasting effect.
What is an Accord?
The accord of a fragrance is the characteristic smell that makes it recognizable and different.  A well-balanced blend of a few raw materials, natural or synthetic, that acts like a logo or signature.  You always remember it! 
Top Fragrance Oils for February
Fragrance Oil                         Suggested Color
1.  Blueberry Cobbler                Dark Blue
2.  Clean Cotton (type)              Pale Pastel Blue or White 
3.  Creamy Vanilla                    Ivory
4.  Cucumber Melon (type)        Aqua Green
5.  Downy April Fresh (type)      Baby Blue or Pale Pink
6.  French Vanilla                     Golden Honey or Ivory
7.  Fruit Slices                          Peach, Lime Green or Yellow
8.  Georgia Peach                     Peach or Coral
9.  Hawaiian Breeze                  Teal or Pastel Colors
10. Lavender                            Lavender or Soft Purple
11. Leather                              Rich Shade of Brown
12. Love Spell (type)                 Lavender
13. Mango Papaya                    Dark Coral, Peach or Rust
14. Mulberry                            Burgundy
15. Pomegranate                      Cranberry
16. Red Hot Cinnamon              Red, of course
17. Rose Petals                        Pink, Red or Yellow
18. Strawberry                         Red or Dark Pink
19. Sweet Pea (type)                Pale Pink or Mauve
20. Vanilla Satin                       Golden Honey, Ivory or White
Cookie Cutter Heart Pillar Candle Step-By-Step Tutorial that walks you through how to make fun pillar candles with cookie cutters. Yes, cookie cutters! This is a fun and easy project.  Easy enough for kids (with adult supervision, of course)!
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Fragrance of the Month
Valentine's Day Bear
Fragrance Descriptions
Top February Fragrances
Cookie Cutter Candles
Featured How-To Article
Featured Article
How To Make Ice Candles
Ice Candles 
Our featured article this month is a Step-By-Step Tutorial that walks you through how to make "ice" candles. Enjoy! 
Find additional helpful tips and guidelines in our Candle Making University (CMU) by clicking here.
4oz Mini Apothecary Jars with Glass Dome Lid
They're back...and now in stock!   18oz Victorian Keepsake Jars
18oz Victorian Keepsake Jars
Quick Tip:
For a quality candle, wax temperature is very important. Make sure you are pouring your wax at the correct temperature.  Here's a link to our General Guidelines for Heating and Pouring Wax.
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