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Michigan Architectural Foundation
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Board of Trustees

Randy L. Case, AIA
Battle Creek

Past President
Carl D. Roehling, FAIA

Vice President
Park Smith, AIA

Leslie D. Tincknell, FAIA

Dennis M. King, FAIA


John Bailey

Katherine Banicki, Hon. Aff. AIAMI, Troy 

Ronald R. Campbell, AIA

Timothy A. Casai, FAIA
Bloomfield Hills

Mike Cosgrove

Robert W. Daverman, AIA
Grand Rapids

Rae Dumke, Hon. AIA

G. Damian Farrell, AIA
Ann Arbor

Ralph Graham, Hon. Aff. AIAMI, Bloomfield Hills

Eugene C. Hopkins, FAIA
Ann Arbor

Ben Maibach, III

Michael A. Marshburn, AIA

Michelle Saroki

Ronald Staley, Hon. Aff. AIAMI

Susan Telang

Albert J. Vegter, AIA
Ann Arbor
President's Message 
Randy Case, AIA
RoehlingOur recent board meeting focused on the formation of our new web site, ongoing business and take time to honor our scholarship award recipients. It was held at the Fetzer Institute in Kalamazoo Michigan, a place designed by Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED), to foster retreat and planning in a contemplative setting. This is quite an honor and our thanks go out to Damian Farrell for his efforts and ties to the foundation, Rae Dumke and staff for coordination, and the HED group for their hand in the creation of this special place designed in a most environmentally conscious way. The Fetzer Institute offered this setting, support services, lunch and a guided tour at no cost because they share our belief "That Architecture enriches life".  Leslie Kusek of LMK consulting lead us through a process to define the development focus of our website in order to enhance the awareness and message of MAF to those interested in Architecture in Michigan. 
June 17 poster 
We have great news from the AIA Saginaw Valley chapter (AIASVC)! They have decided to enhance their goals through MAF by creating an endowment fund to support students of architecture through financial assistance. The chapter is creating the AIA Saginaw Valley Chapter Fund with an initial contribution of $20,000. The income from this fund will be used to fund at least one scholarship per year to be called the "Daniel W. Toshach, AIA, Scholarship". Applications will be accepted from the University of Michigan, Lawrence Technological University and University of Detroit Mercy.  AIASVC and MAF will have two representatives present to select their award recipient during the MAF Scholarship Jury that evaluates all of the applicants for MAF scholarships. The fund is set up to allow additional contributions from any donor as they see fit to enhance the possibilities of more scholarships and special projects supporting the MAF mission. MAF receives a 1% fee to administer the fund and oversee its investment. The AIASVC is entitled to a copy of the investment policy upon request.  The MAF recipients are notified by MAF and funds are paid directly by MAF to the university at the time of tuition billing. Similar endowments can be set up by any organization interested in promoting any facet of How Architecture enhances life!
Another exciting announcement was made recently by MAF Secretary and HED Corporate Chairman, Dennis King, that HED will create an MAF scholarship in the amount of $1000 annually. It is to be called the HED Alvin Ernest Harley AIAS Graduate Scholarship. It will be awarded to a deserving graduate-level architecture student at one of the State of Michigan universities that demonstrates an active participation and leadership involvement in their local American Institute of Architects Student Chapter student. A member of the HED team will sit on the selection jury along with the MAF Scholarship Committee to select the recipient 
MAF is collaborating with AIA Michigan and AIA Detroit chapters, who share the Beaubien House as home base, to address typically shared staffing needs and the transition of our esteemed executive director, Rae Dumke, as she retires at the end of 2010. Mike Marshburn, of TMP Assoc. Inc.,  in Portage, will be the task force chairman for MAF in that endeavor. 
The pilot "Architreks program" has progressed through the initial creation of two TV spots, web site creation and two web based Architreks for young people to do with their parents or teacher. We are now embarking on the funding piece which will allow us to fulfill its destiny. If any readers have connections to funding sources please contact me. We are presently creating our case Statement to present to potential funders and are targeted funding institutions that fit our Mission. MAF is beginning to actively pursue donations to support this project.
So if you would like to get on board for support of an "Architrek" feel free to contact the MAF.
In this issue you can also read about the 2010 MAF Scholarship recipients from the Scholarship committee chair Tim Casai of TMP Assoc. Inc. in Bloomfield Hills. These students and organizations are examples of the work that MAF is here to do and we wish them all the best of luck.
The increased involvement of knowledgeable non architects has deepened the capabilities of the MAF in a number of ways. Kathy Banicki, Hon Aff. AIAMI, of Testing Engineers & Consultants inTroy, Michigan is a new Public Trustee has joined our board and will be our public trustee focus at the upcoming board meeting. I appreciate her long standing involvement with architects in Michigan and the energy she brings to the Foundation.  She has agreed to be on our Auction fund raising committee co chaired by Michelle Saroki and Carl Roehling. At our last board meeting new trustee Mike Cosgrove ofProfessional Concepts Insurance Agency Inc inBrighton, Michigan provided information about his involvement with the architectural profession and interests in a role with the K-5 committee to update lesson plans and the Website committee.
MAF is going to offer Chapter Public Awareness Grants again this year and Damian Farrell, of Damian Farrell Design Group in Ann Arbor, is heading up that committee. So, AIA Chapter Presidents, have your chapters get their heads together and create a program worthy of funding to promote architecture.
We are also looking for someone who is interested in the social media aspect of architecture to help with website input and possibly monitoring. Feel Free to contact Dennis King of HED in Southfield or myself If you are interested in supporting MAF with this effort! 
Health ImageDevelopment Committee Report
Carl Roehling, FAIA, Past President
Swift and dramatic" describe the changes presently taking place in Michigan. Who would have predicted that the auto companies would be profitable this fast, when last year at this time their very existence was in doubt. And although we certainly are not out of the economic woods yet, there are signs that our region is headed for prosperity again.
Noteworthy changes have occurred at the Foundation as well. Two new scholarships were added this year: Dennis King, FAIA and Harley Ellis Devereaux have committed to an annual $1,000 scholarship named the "HED Alvin Ernest Harley AIAS Graduate Student Scholarship." The Saginaw Chapter of AIA has moved their principle and scholarship to the Michigan Architectural Foundation. We now have five named scholarship; the two mentioned above and the President's, Professional Concepts Insurance Agency (PCIA), and the Ken Neumann Design Scholarships
The Evans Historic Preservation Grant was awarded to Lawrence Technological University's Frank Lloyd Wright -designed Affleck house in Bloomfield Hills. This is the 12th award and our plan to fully endow the grant is underway.
Architreks, our pilot for a public TV program, is complete; next steps are to raise the money to launch it. We're pursuing a significant grant from a single donor.

Finally, the Foundation website is being redesigned so that we can better communicate with you. Our goal is to provide visitors with faster and easier access to information. It is intended to strengthen our relationship with all of the citizens of Michigan that love architecture. 
Your contribution, whether to a specific program or just in support of Michigan architecture, makes a difference. From the architecture student who receives assistance, to the building that gets a new life, to the sixth grader who learns why buildings are so important - many benefit from this work.
Fast-paced change has made me cherish relationships even more. I hope you will continue to cherish your relationship with the Michigan Architectural Foundation.
Health ImageDavid Evans Preservation  Award Presentation
By Ralph Graham, Hon. Aff. AIAMI   MAF Trustee

Lawrence Technological University has received a $7,500 grant through the Michigan Architectural Foundation for furniture for Affleck House in Bloomfield Hills, which was designed by America's most famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.  Lawrence Tech students plan to recreate furniture in keeping with Wright's original plans for the house by utilizing funds from the David Evans Historic Preservation Award.
"The jury members recognized Affleck House's architectural significance, and they were impressed with the plan to use students to research and build missing furniture according to Wright's original designs," said Ralph Graham, chair of the panel that selected the Lawrence Tech project.

The 2,350-square-foot Affleck House is one of Wright's smallest commissions in terms of size and was considered a home for a family of modest means. A construction model was displayed in the Museum of Modern Art prior to its completion in 1941. In 1978, Affleck House was donated to Lawrence Tech by the children of the original owners, Gregor and Elizabeth Affleck. Lawrence Tech holds events at the house, which also serves as a valuable teaching tool for students in the College of Architecture and Design.
Wright enjoyed designing houses to fit unique settings and challenged the original owners to "find a site on which no one else can build." Affleck House is considered a daring solution to the problems resented by the site. Part of the structure was built over a streambed, and a deck is cantilevered over a ravine. A floor well over a pool of water provides natural cooling in the summer. The house is faced with cypress siding and red brick and has polished concrete floors and interior walls of ship-lapped cypress. Affleck House is on the State and National Registers of Historic Places, and is one of the 50 most significant structures in the state, according to the AIA Michigan.
The reproduction of appropriate furniture will complement the interior renovation project that has been under way for the past three years. Douglas Metiva, who graduated from Lawrence Tech in May with degrees in architecture and construction management, is living at the historic house this summer while working on the interior renovations.

June 17 poster

Supporters of the David Evans Historic Preservation Award program presented this year's $7,500 grant to Lawrence Technological University for improvements to Affleck House in Bloomfield Hills. From left to right in the photo are Ralph and Jeanne Graham, Dean Glen LeRoy of the College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Tech, Lynne and Park Smith, Ed Francis, Lawrence Tech Associate Professor Dan Faoro, and Nancy Finegood, Executive Director of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network.
CasaiScholarship Committee Update
Tim Casai, FAIA, MAF Trustee
On April 27th of this year, the Michigan Architectural Foundation Scholarship Jury met to review the 2010 applications from students across Michigan.  The MAF awards four scholarships annually to students who are completing their Bachelor Degree program and who have been accepted or are currently enrolled in a professional program leading to a Master of Architecture degree.  Money has been raised from many activities and sources over many years to underwrite these scholarships, and the four awards have been named for the primary donors and/or supporters.  The four awards for 2010 are as follows:
            AIA Michigan President's Scholarship ($4,000)
            American Institute of Architect's Scholarship ($1,500)
            Kenneth Neumann Design Scholarship ($1,000)
            (Plus a summer internship with the firm Neumann Smith Associates)
            Professional Concepts Insurance Agency Scholarship ($1,000) 
Each student applicant is required to submit a completed application form, a full college transcript, a personal statement describing leadership, design, or community accomplishments, a copy of the student's design portfolio, three letters of reference, and a school cost and personal financial budget.  The jury must take all information into consideration, but has discretion as to the weight of the categories of information.
Letters and posters are sent to all of the Schools of Architecture in Michigan in an effort to solicit applications from deserving students.  The Deans are contacted to strengthen the communication between MAF and the schools.   
This year the jury consisted of four members of the MAF Board as well as the College of Fellows of AIA: Tim Casai, FAIA, Dennis King, FAIA, Gene Hopkins, FAIA, and Les Tincknell, FAIA.  Joining the primary jury members and representing the firm of Neumann Smith Associates were Joel Smith, AIA, Susan (Neumann) Kaplan, and Ross Kaplan.  Also joining the jury was Mike Cosgrove, representing the PCIA agency.  
Surprisingly for 2010 there were only 5 total applications, with 2 from the University of Detroit/Mercy, 1 from Lawrence Technological University, and 2 from the University of Michigan.  The quality of the submittals and the financial need remained high in nearly all cases.  The jury was very impressed with the applicants overall but still wishes that more and better scholarships could be awarded.  The result of the jury process is as follows.

StormThe AIA Michigan President's Scholarship of $4,000 is awarded to Dean Storm, a final year graduate student at the University of Detroit/Mercy.  His outstanding academic record and creative presentation, combined with a significant financial need made him a clear choice.  He lives in Royal Oak with his wife, Leah, and is involved with numerous community activities.  
June 17 posterThe American Institute of Architect's Scholarship of $1,500 is awarded to Blake Hill, (not pictured) also a final year graduate student at the University of Detroit/Mercy.  His excellent academic record and engaging portfolio set him apart.  He was raised in Albion and was highly praised by UDM faculty.
StalnakerIn a departure from previous MAF Scholarship tradition, this year both the Professional Concepts Insurance Agency Scholarship of $1,000, and the Kenneth Neumann Design Scholarship of $1,000 and an internship at Neumann Smith Associates are awarded to Alivia Stalnaker, a 1st year graduate student at the University of Michigan.  She demonstrated not only a deep commitment to urban design issues through an excellent portfolio of her work, but also a high level of academic achievement, and involvement in meaningful research.  She is from Pontiac, Michigan and has completed all of her undergraduate work at LTU.
In summary, the students who are making application for MAF Scholarships are focused and engaging, and demonstrate a high level of commitment to the profession and its future.  While we as a jury were disappointed with the number of applications this year, there was no corresponding fall off in the quality of the students or their work.  However the cost of obtaining an architectural degree in Michigan is daunting, and therefore the need for more robust scholarship opportunities are great.  The committee will re-double their efforts to attract more applicants in the future, and to offer more awards.  The MAF and its many sponsors and donors should continue to be proud of their efforts to maintain and grow this program.

scholarship maf 2010

June 17 posterChapter Grant Program
Damian Farrell AIA LEED AP, MAF Trustee

After a short hiatus, the MAF Chapter Grants are being revived for 2010. The grant applications are distributed in two six months periods each year to allow a broader coverage of projects that chapters may be interested in participating in or initiating.
These grants are a powerful tool in supporting the vision and mission of the Michigan Architectural Foundation to:
     Stimulate public awareness of architecture,
     Advance architecture through research and education,
     Enhance the quality of life through an improved natural and built environment
The intent of the MAF goals are quite specific and the focus of the MAF is public awareness of architecture not individual architects.
A program must promote quality architecture rather than individual firms or architects and MAF has to be acknowledged publicly for its support. Chapters are encouraged to seek partnership with other local groups to make a project more affordable with a broader reach and more powerful as a public awareness program.

The Grant Committee is currently studying an exciting and far-reaching application from the Grand Valley Chapter for a program to be run in conjunction with "Artprize" in Grand Rapids; the world's largest art prize for allocation of the first six month fund allocations.

The committee will be sending out notice for the remaining part of the year in the next few days and we hope to see more examples that are as visionary, exciting and publically oriented as the one that is currently under consideration.
Fortunately, there have been many inspiring and high quality programs that have been funded in the past and this precedence is something that the committee and the Board of Trustees are hoping will continue throughout the years ahead.
By Michelle Saroki, MAF Trustee

Donations for Silent Auction - August 5,6,7 
AIA Michigan MidSummer Conference Partnering with Association of General Contractors of Michigan
Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island
 It may be called a "Silent Auction" but I feel like shouting in from the rooftops, plastering it all over Facebook and sending Tweets to the whole world.  Thanks to the generosity of many fine people, the MAF auction at Mackinac Island during the AIA/AGC Midsummer Conference may be the best ever.
There's football of course, Michigan State and the University of Michigan. Robert and Debbie Washer along with MICCO Construction Company are offering four seats for State at the opening day game with Western Michigan.  The seats are row 18, section 3, right in the middle of the action.  Ron Henry has 2 seats in the new Jack Roth Stadium Club at U of M and he and his wife, Carrie, will be hosts for the Michigan vs. Iowa Homecoming Game on October 16th. Barb Roehling has also donated UofM football tickets and Tim Casai, FAIA and Carl Roehling have donated UofM tickets and a pregame tailgate party. 
June 17 posterArchitecture lovers, and who isn't in this crowd, will bid early and often for a chance to enjoy cheese, desert and wine in the beautiful Affleck House in Bloomfield Hills. Think ahead to a beautiful spring evening when much of the Wright designed furniture will have been restored or reproduced thanks to the recent MAF Evans Grant.  Five couples (20 people) will be able to enjoy an insider's look at one of Frank Lloyd Wright's perfect little jewel boxes.  Kudos for this unique opportunity go to Victor and Michelle Saroki, Haworth and Plum Market for the wine and goodies and to Lawrence Technological University for opening the Affleck House, a special treat as it is rarely seen by the public.
Mr. Wright must be on many peoples mind these days as we are also offering a tile from Motawi Tileworks that is a pattern from the Oak Park Studio.  Another Wright item is a 22" metallic glazed raku fired wall plaque that comes compliments of Mike Marshburn.
For the traditionalists we have a Summer Croquet Party for five couples hosted by Katherine and Damian Farrell, at their Ann Arbor home, Fairdene, catered by Katherine's Catering. June 17 posterEnjoy the May Spring flowers or June Peonies, and come play 6 wicket croquet. Whites are encouraged, cool hats are a useful accessory and flat sole shoes mandatory for participants.  There will be gin-infused instruction about this great game, and southern hemisphere wines and sparkling wines. Croquet to start around 3:00 for those who want to play, followed by dinner under the summer sky. 
If croquet and cucumber sandwiches sound too much like "The Importance of Being Ernest" put a little spice in your life with a Cajun Dinner for four with Dean Glen LeRoy.

Did I mention Tiger tickets for 4 donated by SmithGoup, Tiger tickets for 2 donated by Douglas Keuffner, AIA, Golf for 3 with Carl Roehling, FAIA at Oakland Hills Country Club, a vintage airplane ride on RonJune 17 poster Staley's T-6, Lake St. Clair Sailing Cruise for 10 and several Vintage Wine Magnums, Hand crafted custom pens by Fred Butters, FAIA, artwork by Balthazar Korab, Hon. AIAMI and one dozen Hand Tied Trout Flies by Park Smith, AIA and a beautiful Lim Light donated by Haworth Design Studio?
June 17 poster
June 17 posterDon't forget to pack for a great time in Beaver Creek at a condo donated by Sullivan, Ward, Bone, Tyler, Fiott & Asher or at Hutchinson Island at a condo donated by Testing Engineers & Consultants, two nights at the Homestead donated by Leelanau Vacation Rentals, a week at the Harbor Springs Cottage of Bob Daverman, AIA or back to the Grant Hotel with a donation by the Musser family for your 2011 Mid Summer Conference stay.
Please be creative and we greatly appreciate any donation. Carl Roehling FAIA, (Chair), Michelle Saroki, Co/Chair of the Auction.

Please send an email with any donations or questions.

June 17 posterAIA Michigan UPDATE
Rae Dumke, Hon. AIA, MAF Trustee

AIA Michigan
67th Annual Mid Summer Conference
Partnering with AGC Michigan
The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island
August 5-8, 2010
The AIA Michigan members, AGC members, allied professionals, sponsors and MAF Board of Trustees is invited to attend this "Grand" event on Mackinac Island.
Once again the Foundation will sponsor the silent auction with an exciting array of artwork and entertainment experiences.   Michelle Saroki, Carl Roehling, Damian Farrell and Rae Dumke are working hard to keep some of the traditional items as well as new and unusual auction items.
Just go to AIA Michigan's Website to the home page and click on the Mid Summer Conference event for more information.   The brochure and information has also been mailed to members, former attendees and MAF trustees.   This is a great opportunity to meet old friends, build new relationships and have fun at the same time.
DavermanAIA Grand Valley Honor awards with MAF at ArtPrize - The World's Largest Art Prize
Robert Daverman, AIA, Trustee
ArtPrize is a radically open competition. Open to any artist in the world who can find space. Open to anybody in Grand Rapids, Michigan who wants to create a venue. Open to a vote from anyone who attends."   
AF leadership put forth the idea of having a presence during ArtPrize in Grand Rapids.
ArtPrize's inaugural year was 2009 and attracted 30,000 people over a three week time period.  2011 is the current committed duration of this spectacular event, underwritten by the DeVos and VanAndel families of Amway. The first event was a huge success for Grand Rapids and brought people not only from West Michigan, but from all over the world.  Major venue hosts included the new Grand Rapids Art Museum - 1st LEED Gold in the world, the UICA Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Kendall College of Art and Design, the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, and  The BOB - a huge multiple restaurant entertainment facility. Many works of art from 2009 are now permanent installations, either purchased by the venue sites, or donated by the artists themselves to add to the public experience of urban art. Restaurants, bars and other public amenities did record business during ArtPrize. It was an urban happening that brought thousands to the city that don't normally visit downtown. Many were quoted as how walkable and lovely the downtown is.
artprizeThe AIA Grand Valley also took notice of these facts and changed the date of their April Chapter Honor Awards to maximize public exposure of for the architectural submissions throughout the three week event - September 22 - October 10. This exposure communicates about architecture and architects. AIAGV shall secure a storefront in the ArtPrize city center zone where the public can visit. The venue will be staffed during the entire duration of the competition and provide a dedicated area within for Michigan Architectural Foundation.  Please visit our display
dennis kingMAF Undertakes New Web Site Design
Dennis King, FAIA, MAF Secretary
Consistent with MAF's commitment to enhance our outreach and communication to all of our many audiences, last fall our Board of Trustees directed that we undertake an upgrade and redesign of our web site.  Historically, our web presence has been carried as a sub-page presence on the AIA Michigan web site.  That made us more of an AIA member information page and prevented us from seeking wider acceptance among other target audiences.
During the winter months, a request for web designer credentials and proposals was prepared and distributed to the marketplace.  Proposals from eight interested firms were received in February.  A small committee of MAF Trustees evaluated the proposals and invited four candidate firms to interviews in late March.  Recommendations were made to the Board of Trustees in late April to retain the following two firms:
            LMK Consulting of Farmington Hills for Branding Consultation Services
            'corePHP' of Battle Creek for Web Site Design Services
Leslie Kusek of LMK Consulting began her work doing background research about MAF in May and June, and then conducting a brainstorming session with the Trustees at their recent Board Meeting in Kalamazoo.  Leslie will refine the MAF's key messaging and target audience profile working with the committee through August.
'corePHP' will then begin their web site redesign work, based on LMK's guidance and messaging, with the goal of having the new site ready to launch by early 2011.  We're all very excited about this new outreach focus.  Stay tuned...
Board Profiles
BaileyJohn Bailey, MAF Trustee 
John Bailey founded John Bailey & Associates Inc., Public Relations (JB&A) in 1996 and rapidly grew it into one of the state's leading firms.  His success as an agency leader culminated in the merger of JB&A with Lambert, Edwards & Associates in 2009, creating Michigan's only statewide firm with offices in Grand Rapids, Lansing and metro Detroit. 
Bailey's varied expertise includes all aspects of public relations at the state, regional and national levels, and strategic management planning and corporate image enhancement for organizations of all sizes in all industries, including automotive, health care and professional services.  

Bailey also is known for his crisis management and planning experience, as well as his extensive media relations knowledge and connections.  
In addition to his years of client service, Bailey also has a long history of supporting the Detroit area's professional, civic and cultural organizations.  He is a long-time member of the Detroit Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and currently serves as the chapter's Ethics Officer.

Bailey also is currently a board member of the Automotive Hall of Fame, Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Architectural Foundation and the Woodward Avenue Action Association. He is a past chairman of the Troy Chamber of Commerce. Bailey is a graduate of the Detroit Regional Chamber's Leadership Detroit program and is listed in Crain's Detroit Business "Who's Who in Metro Detroit Business."

Bailey was inducted into the PRSA-Detroit Hall of Fame in November 2006, an honor awarded to public relations practitioners who have made significant contributions to the profession.  In May 2005, Bailey received the Marketing and Sales Executives of Detroit Platinum Award for demonstrating outstanding accomplishments in marketing and sales. In 2002, the International Association of Business Communicators - Detroit Chapter named Bailey Communicator of the Year, the group's lifetime achievement recognition.  

Bailey lives in Rochester Hills, Mich. with his wife, Janet, and is the proud father of three grown children and the very proud grandfather of six grandsons.
June 17 posterKatherine Banicki, Hon. Aff. AIAMI      MAF Trustee
President of Testing Engineers & Consultants, Inc. (TEC), a woman-owned consulting engineering firm founded in 1966, specializing in Environmental Services, Industrial Hygiene Services, Geotechnical and Buildings & Infrastructure Engineering, and Construction Materials Testing and Inspection Services for projects in Michigan and around the country. 

Over the past 44 years, Ms. Banicki (Katherine) and her husband John (Banicki), Founder and Chief Executive Consultant, have put their blood sweat and tears into building their business into a successful, well recognized and respected firm with a vision that still rings true today - to support the A/E industry by providing prompt, accurate and cost-effective testing results and engineering recommendations.

Katherine firmly believes that integrity, trust and effective communication are key components to successful working relationships and ultimately a successful business.  Applying these components on a daily basis is what shapes client relations into great "relationships" that last for years - even decades.  In addition, Ms. Banicki uses the CARE approach to business:
Commitment - Honor your commitments.  Do what you say you're going to do when you say you're going to do it.
Appreciation - Give freely.  It makes everyone feel good.
Responsibility - Take responsibility for your actions or decisions.
Expectations - Have lofty goals and keep them in mind constantly.
Katherine spends a great deal of time supporting industry, community and charitable organizations by way of volunteering her time and expertise on industry committees and board positions along with raising funds for several worthy causes.  This dedication has proven to be a win/win for Ms. Banicki as she was the first woman in 87 years to be voted to the Associated General Contractors of Michigan (AGC) Board of Directors, along with being named Honorary Affiliate Member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) due to her significant contributions over the years.
Katherine is especially passionate about education.  "For young people to get a chance in this competitive economy, they must receive a proper education."  This is not attainable to an ever-increasing number of young people, so Katherine believes that we must do whatever possible to help out.  To that end, she and John support several scholarships including the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), and Wayne State University's Annual John Banicki Scholarship.
Her accomplishments include The Pinnacle Award for one of the top ten Michigan Business Owners from the Greater Detroit Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners, and the Outstanding Leadership Award from the Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD).  She was honored by the Wayne State University College of Engineering with the Socius Collegii Award, and winner of the Merit of Excellence award from by the American Polish Engineering Association.  She has also received recognition from Commercial Inc. magazine when she was honored as one of the "Elite Eight".
TEC is a "family-owned" company and few things are more important to Katherine.  Her Daughters (Anastasia and JoHanna) both learned early on about the importance of family, hard work and commitment by working at TEC.  Anastasia's children have been on the scene since they were quite young... could they be the next generation of TEC?  Time will tell...
Great Architecture of Michigan 
 Great Arch Logo
Photographs by Balthazar Korab
Text by John Gallagher
Published 2008
ISBN (Cloth): 9780981614403
Size: 9 x 10.5, 224 Pgs.,
162 Illus.
(all rights reserved)
 To purchase please call 313-965-4100

grand hotel

 The Grand Hotel
 Mackinac Island 1887
 George Mason of
 Mason and Rice
When the Grand Hotel opened at the height of the Gilded Age, it joined many other historic resort hotels accross America.  Today it remains one of the few survivors, and without doubt one of the best.  Architect-builder Charles W. Caskey executed the plans drawn up by Detroit architect George Mason, and everywhere we see Mason's sure hand and eye for detail.  The slender columns that frame the great porch, the rounded ends of the veranda that soften what might otherwise be severe straight lines, and the open central belvedere that punctuates the skyline all attest to Mason's skill. Can there be a grander spot to enjoy a summer morning or to survey the vistas of the Stratis of Mackinac?  A Michgian masterpiece in every way.