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Michigan Architectural Foundation
553 East Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, Michigan 48226

Board of Trustees

Randy L. Case, AIA
Battle Creek

Past President
Carl D. Roehling, FAIA

Vice President
Park Smith, AIA

Leslie D. Tincknell, FAIA

Dennis M. King, FAIA


John Bailey

Katherine Banicki, Hon. Aff. AIAMI, Troy 

Ronald R. Campbell, AIA

Timothy A. Casai, FAIA
Bloomfield Hills

Mike Cosgrove

Robert W. Daverman, AIA
Grand Rapids

Rae Dumke, Hon. AIA

G. Damian Farrell, AIA
Ann Arbor

Ralph Graham, Hon. Aff. AIAMI, Bloomfield Hills

Eugene C. Hopkins, FAIA
Ann Arbor

Ben Maibach, III

Michael A. Marshburn, AIA

Michelle Saroki

Ronald Staley, Hon. Aff. AIAMI

Susan Telang

Albert J. Vegter, AIA
Ann Arbor
President's Message 
Randy Case, AIA
RoehlingThis is my first president's report and I have to admit that I am pretty geeked about the direction MAF is going! The economy is still soft, (maybe showing a few glimmers) but the MAF is positioned to do some exciting ground breaking in the next year. The pilot "Architreks program" has progressed through the initial creation of two TV spots, web site creation and two web based Architreks for young people to do with their parents or teacher. We are now embarking on the funding piece which will allow us to fulfill its destiny. The creation of a newly invigorated, interactive website is being pursued to allow MAF to reach more people who are passionate about architecture, and an active and engaged board of trustees is constantly providing support and new ideas to enliven this constantly evolving organization. In this issue you can also read about the latest development with the "Architecture: It's elementary" lesson plan program and its worldwide reach. Presently it is being updated to include an enhanced sustainability focus and strengthen areas that have been identified during the use of the lesson plans since their initial release. 
Health ImageOn the "Architreks" front we now have 10 DVDs available for unveiling to AIA chapters, anyone in the public who is passionate about architecture and its future, and, of course, anyone or organization that is interested in helping to fund this one-of-a-kind effort. These Television spots were created by Detroit Public Television (DPTV) for airing at breakfast time to pique the interest of young people to take an Architrek in their neighborhood or downtown to find the keys that unlock the secret codes of architecture. They are developed from the lesson plans in the "Architecture: Its Elementary" program and created in a style that plays off the successful DPTV math and science breakfast spots that have run in the last year. The first two episodes, shot in Grand Rapids and Detroit, feature prominent buildings and Architreks through typical neighborhoods to find architectural treasures. Future episodes will take place in other areas. If anyone would like to be involved with these efforts or knows a funder who has passion for what we are developing please contact me.
Recently I attended the interviews of short listed website creators identified by our MAF website committee. The committee is chaired by Dennis King with the support of Susan Telang of Plante Moran's Southfield office and John Bailey of John Bailey Associates in Troy. John and Susan bring additional perspectives to our task and augment the typical architectural views that Dennis and I have. It was an enlightening process and we brainstormed ideas that hadn't been considered earlier. Stay tuned for the next development which will create a simplified search method while allowing an increased number of creative features and creative ways to keep the site up to date. Online gifting and interaction will be targeted as well as simplified scholarship and grant applications.
The increased involvement of knowledgeable non architects has deepened the capabilities of the MAF in a number of ways. A suggestion to utilize a la carte resources available to non profit specialized firms,  has allowed us to streamline our budget while simplifying input and speeding up our financial review capabilities.
It is also interesting to find how many successful people wanted to be architects in earlier days and still have that passion and awareness. They are interested in taking part in the elevation of the profession and the inspiration caused by great architecture. Emerging professionals also have a lot to say about and contribute to,  our mission, "Increasing Public Appreciation of How Architecture Enriches Life". Young or old, the MAF is interested in finding these people and enabling them to fulfill their passion by supporting our Mission.
Health ImageDevelopment Committee Report
Carl Roehling, FAIA, Past President
April 6, 2010
Recently, I had lunch with Michael Brennan, President of the Detroit area United Way.  Our conversation inevitably turned to fundraising, the sole source of their funds and it was no surprise to hear how commitments have dropped off dramatically in the last year causing staff reductions and program reductions.  The Michigan Architectural Foundation is not immune to this environment; we have had to cut staff and volunteers have increasingly taken greater roles in our operations and programs, but unlike United Way, our donor support has not waned.  In 2008 and 2009 we raised just under $200,000 without including the support provided by AIA Michigan's two programs.

I attribute this success to two things, the passion for architecture of our Board and patrons, and secondly, the quality of the programs.  Our book, the Great Architecture of Michigan attracted great financial support and now our Architreks program with Public TV is set to do the same. The Evans Grant program, in its 12th year, is now well on its way to being fully endowed. Our Scholarship programs, the President's Scholarship, the Neumann Scholarship, the PCIA Scholarship and now the AIA Saginaw Scholarship continue to be well funded despite the loss of AIA national matching funds.

Many of you have contributed in the name of our departed colleagues, a tribute to their career.  And, Rae Dumke's election to the Association Executives Hall of Fame was reason for some to support the Foundation.

So, whatever your cause or whether you just enjoy the bidding at our annual auction, think of us.  And for those of you that already have thought of us, we thank you and offer recognition of your generosity in the following Honor Roll of Donors.  

2009 Michigan Architectural

Foundation Donors

2008 Michigan Architectural

Foundation Donors



$5,000 to $40,000

$5,000 to $50,000

Anonymous Donor

Anonymous Donor

Clannad Foundation

Clannad Foundation


Comerica Bank

$1,000 to $4,999


Timothy A. Casai, FAIA

$1,000 to $4,999

Kim Fricke-Young, Hon. Aff. AIAMI

Stan Buell

Ben Maibach, III

Timothy A. Casai, FAIA

Michael Marshburn AIA

Mike Cosgrove, PA

Glenn Parvin

Robert W. Daverman, AIA

Shannon Perry, AIA

Ralph Graham, Hon. Aff. AIAMI

Michael Quinn, FAIA

Douglas W. Kueffner, AIA

Carl D. Roehling, FAIA

Ben Maibach, III

Susan Telang, CPA

Gail McClure

Leslie D. Tincknell, FAIAE

Michael Quinn, FAIA


Carl D. Roehling, FAIA

$100 to $999

Cecil Rothbart

Katherine Banicki, Hon. Aff. AIAM

Richard A. Skendzel, AIA

Peter Basso Associates

Leslie D. Tincknell, FAIAE

Wayne Bills, AIA


Stan Buell

$100 to $999

Frederick F. Butters, FAIA

John W. Allegretti, FAIA

Ronald R. Campbell, AIA

Frank X. Arvan, AIA

Randy L. Case, AIA

Frederick C. Ball, Associate, AIA

James A. Chaffers, FAIA

Katherine Banicki, Hon. Aff. AIAM

Alan H. Cobb, FAIA

Gary Benjamin

Todd Doenitz, PE

Ronald R. Campbell, AIA

MaryAnne Drew, Hon. Aff. AIAM

Robert W. Carington, AIA

Rae Dumke, Hon. AIA

Randy L. Case, AIA

Bill Edwards

Jim Cash

Damian Farrell, AIA

Alan H. Cobb, FAIA

Ralph Graham, Hon. Aff. AIAMI

Todd Doenitz, PE

Harley Ellis Devereaux

Rick Duffett

William Jay Hartman, AIA

Rae Dumke, Hon. AIA

Jeffrey J. Hausman, AIA

Nancy Finegood, Hon. Aff. AIAM

Ronald Hausmann, PE

John Foster

Hobbs & Black

Anthony A. Foust, AIAE

Fanning Howey Assoc.

Edward D. Francis, FAIAE

Bert H. Koseck, AIA

John R. Gazall, AIA

David H. Lawrence, AIAE

Jeffrey J. Hausman, AIA

Phillip (FAIA) & Diane Lundwall

Ronald R. Henry, AIA

Roger Margerum, FAIAE

Eugene C. Hopkins, FAIA

Thomas R. Mathison, FAIA

George Kerver

Kim Mehl, PA

Peter Kramer

George Miller, FAIA

Rachel Liberty

Cathy E. Mosley, Hon. Aff. AIAMI

Phillip Lundwall, FAIAE

Neumann/Smith Architecture

Douglas Maibach, PE

David W. Osler, FAIAE

Michael A. Marshburn, AIA

Jay S. Pettitt, FAIAE

Thomas R. Mathison, FAIA

Quinn Evans Architects

Robert C. Metcalf, FAIAE

James Ryan, AIA

Randall K. Metz, Assoc. AIA, ASLA

Victor A. Saroki FAIA

Wayne L. Norlin, AIA

John V. Sheoris FAIAE

Celeste Novak, AIA

Gary Skog, FAIA

Theodore G. Pappas, AIA

D. Brooke Smith, AIA

Ann Partrich

Joel L Smith, AIA

Michael Puente

Park Smith, AIA

Harold Radin, AIA

Ron Staley, Hon. Aff. AIAM

Robert Raisch, Hon. Aff. AIAM

William Stevenson, AIA

Paul V. Rivetto, RA

Paul D. Tonti, AIA

Victor A. Saroki, FAIA

Harutun Vaporciyan, FAIAE

Brenda L. Schneider, Hon. Aff AIADC

Albert J. Vegter, AIA

Robert F. Sharrow, AIA

Robert Washer, Hon. Aff. AIA

Andrew Shmina, PA

Celeste Weidig

Charles H. Sidor, PA

Thomas C. Winkeljohn, AIA

Gary L. Skog, FAIA

Bassam Yaldo

D. Brooke Smith, AIA


Joel L. Smith, AIA

Up to $99

Park Smith, AIA

Jacquelyn Arredondo, AIA

Stephen E. Smith, AIA

Steven C. Bassett, AIA

Marcia D. Strange, Associate AIA

Arnie Bunkley, AIA

Russell Sykes, PE

Mark Farlow

Paul D. Tonti, AIA

Nancy Finegood, Hon.Aff. AIAM

Albert J. Vegter, AIA

Terry Guitar, AIA

Celeste Weidig

Brandon Kinsey

Joseph A. Weiss, Jr., AIA

Robert C. Metcalf, FAIA

Beth A. Yorke, AIA

Michael J. Mosley, AIA


Arthur E. Nelson, AIAE

Up to $99

Kristopher Nelson, AIA

Jacquelyn Arredondo, AIA

M. Celeste Novak, AIA

Peter J. Basso, PE

Pamela Hall O'Connor

Matthew F. Bastos, AIA

Larry E. Ramseyer, AIA

John Callas, AIA

Leo G. Shea, FAIAE

Paul A. Corneliussen, AIA

Thomas Sherry, AIA

John C. Haro, FAIAE

James Velthoven, AIAE

Dennis M. King, FAIA

Lonny S. Zimmerman, AIA

Janet L. Kreger, Hon. Aff. AIAM


David H. Lawrence, AIAE


Donald E. Lee, AIA


Arthur E. Nelson, AIAE


Cynthia K. Pozolo, AIA


Cynthia Radecki, AIA


Don Sachs


Peter P. Sarelis, AIA


Michelle Saroki


Leo G. Shea, FAIAE


John V. Sheoris, FAIAE


Thomas Sovel, PA, PE


Michael R. Strother, AIA


Sara E. Temple, AIA


Joseph C. Veryser, AIA

Health ImageDavid Evans Preservation Award Update
By Ralph Graham, Hon. Aff. AIAMI, MAF Trustee

Shortly after the 2009 Holiday Season, Lynne Merrill- Francis sent out the call for RFP's for submission of proposals for Preservation projects which would qualify for the 2010 David Evans Preservation Award. This award is available only to not-for- profit organizations that are initiating a Preservation Project anywhere in the State of Michigan. After a slow start, with several calls from not-for-profits to Lynne exploring issues with the proposals, we have received about 20 proposals. Lynne has decided to allow a 2 week extension to encourage more organizations to apply.

With a May 19th Jury Date for review of Proposals, we have sufficient time to receive additional proposals and time for Lynne to process them and distribute them electronically to the Jurors. I am hopeful that all  Award Jurors will be able to attend this important meeting.  The date for the Jury meeting was changed from an earlier date to avoid a conflict with the Michigan Historic Preservation Network Conference (MHPN) which will be held May 12 to 15 in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. This conflict seems to be an annual occurence, so it was suggested by Juror Mike Quinn of Quinn-Evans Architects that the Evans Preservation Award be given during the MHPN Awards evening, during their Conference.

I feel that joining with MHPN during their Awards Night will give our grant much greater exposure than we presently experience.

This change will be explored during our May 19 Awards Jury meeting. That meeting will be held at Beaubien House from 11 a.m to 3 p.m.

This year's funding appears to be secure, with Quinn Evans Architects funding, Clannad Foundation funding and an Endowment grant from an anonymous donor. When the economy improves,I hope that we can return to a $10, 000 level as we had 3 years ago.

By Michelle Saroki, MAF Trustee

Donations for Silent Auction - August 5,6,7 
AIA Michigan MidSummer Conference Partnering with Association of General Contractors of Michigan
Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island
Architecture Enriches LifeAt the Michigan Architectural Foundation, we feel this concept is at the heart of everything we do. Whether we are funding work with young children to increase their awareness and appreciation of architecture, granting scholarships for architectural education, or preserving an historically significant structure, we strive to promote the benefits that architecture brings to everyday life. We encourage you to join us in our mission.

We are interested in donations of gift certificates, wine tastings or gourmet dinners hosted at your home, restaurant or club. Golf at your country club for four with lunch or dinner. children's items, sailing trips, condo or villa trip packages, plane or helicopter rides, ladies items, gift baskets, football tickets with tailgate, Wine, Ipods, men's ties, ladies purses, scarves, handmade items created by architects, beautiful hat, jewelry, golf putter, golf bag, golf lessons, golf balls, airline tickets, cooking classes, pearls, handmade knit items or blanket, sporting event tickets, artwork, donation of money to be put towards wine magnums.

Please be creative and we greatly appreciate any donation. Carl Roehling FAIA, (Chair), Michelle Saroki, Co/Chair of the Auction.

Please send an email with any donations or questions.

Rocco RomanoArchitecture:It's Elementary!"
Program Reaches East Asia

Rocco Romano AIA, Principal with TMP Architecture, Inc., received an interesting email in February from a Japanese architect named Shigeru Yamaki. Mr. Yamaki lives in Japan, is a member of AIA Japan and also of AIJ, the Architectural Institute of Japan, an organization composed of academia and architecture professionals.

Mr. Yamaki, along with AIJ colleagues, has been studying various methods of teaching Japanese elementary school students about buildings, cities and architecture. In his email to Rocco, Mr. Yamaki laments, "this kind of education is completely lacking in Japan."  It is Mr. Yamaki's hope that by exposing students to this type of information, these children will grow to be "more appreciative of, and more responsible for good architecture, good living and a strong urban environment."

Mr. Yamaki and his group discovered the website for the AIA/MAF "Architecture: It's Elementary!" program, a site that includes the K-5 Curriculum Guide for elementary grades ( The program includes ten lesson plans for grades Kindergarten through Grade 5, in an effort to educate children so they may gain appreciation of their built environment including the buildings, towns and cities that make it up.

Romano, co-author of the Guide, is the contact person who responds to information requests about the program. Rocco received Mr. Yamaki's email inquiry about the Guide and responded, "...Our hope is to give kids a better understanding of, and respect for the environment and the impact that the built environment has on us."  Romano encouraged Yamaki and his group to reach out to children about the value of architecture and a general respect for the environment.

Romano directed Mr. Yamaki on downloading procedures for the Curriculum Guide, and explained that use of the material for educational purposes is free if it is not used for profit. In turn, Mr. Yamaki promises to keep Rocco up to speed on his progress with the program.

K-5 Book Update:
Romano reports that he and the rest of the Curriculum Team (Lonny Zimmerman, AIA; Adriaan VanVelden, SACA, Associate AIA; Peggy Matta, AIA, LEED AP; and educator Richard Strausz) are currently incorporating recently adopted Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE's) as well as additional sustainability language into the existing lesson plans. The entire K-5 Program web site will soon be updated to include web links to additional, related sites. 
Board Profiles
mike CosgroveMike Cosgrove, MAF Trustee 
Mike is President of Professional Concepts Insurance Agency (PCIA). Specializing in insuring
architectural and engineering firms, Mike consults with his clients daily regarding their risk
management and insurance needs. His services include coverage evaluation and advice, risk management consultation, seminars and contract reviews.
Mike serves the professional associations of his clients by serving on committees and at association events. Mike is a member of AIA MI's Membership and Scholarship Committees, and most recently began serving on the K-5 Committee. For the last 10 years Mike has chaired or co-chaired the Engineering Excellence Awards Committee for ACEC/MI and MSPE. He previously served as Treasurer for the Michigan Chapter of the Society of Marketing Professional Services.
In further support of PCIA's architectural and engineering client firms, Mike serves on the Professional Liability Agents Network (PLAN) Relationship Committee. This committee of PLAN serves as the liaison to PLAN member insurance agencies with the leading insurers of
design firms. The committee regularly recommends insurance policy language for insurers to meet the coverage needs of design firms.
Mike began his insurance career with PCIA in 1990 as a summer intern. A graduate of Olivet College, Mike received his B.A. in Business with an insurance concentration. At Olivet College he studied risk management and insurance techniques, specializing in commercial property and
liability coverage.
In 2009 Mike was honored with being named the Rotarian of the year within the Livingston County Sunrise Rotary Club.
Mike has been married for 12 years to Allison Marie Cosgrove. Allison is an elementary school teacher in Livingston County. Mike and Allison were blessed with the birth of their daughters, Kennedy Paige in 2003 and Sophia Elizabeth in 2008.

Ben MaibachBen Maibach III, MAF Trustee
For Ben Maibach III, who became a board member in 2005, MAF is all about architect and builder working together, exploring new ways to meet client needs and serve the community.
This commitment is "in the genes": The third generation of his family to work at Barton Malow, he has in fact spent his entire 46-year career at the company. He began as a laborer while still a student, and rose through the ranks to his present position, chairman and CEO.  
Under his direction, Barton Malow has grown from a single location to an international firm with 14 offices and specialties in health, education, sports and entertainment, energy, industrial and federal construction.   But ask him about his vision for the company, and the conversation takes a different turn. His principal goals aren't more offices or more specialties. He looks for the company to achieve corporate leadership in its chosen disciplines and services, along with the collaboration that leads to growth for project partners, customer satisfaction, and civic improvement.
"No one succeeds in isolation," he says. "We all achieve our best results when we are open to learning from one another." A close relationship between architect and builder is crucial to project success, he adds. 
Barton Malow seeks out the tools and delivery methods that support this connection. The company has long been a proponent of design-build delivery, with experience on more than 200 such projects. Over the past decade, the emphasis has been on BIM and Integrated Project Delivery to enhance project efficiency and quality through optimal team coordination - key considerations always, but especially in today's market.
"Clients have important work to accomplish," says Ben. "It's not just the individual project, it's the larger picture - together, we strengthen the neighborhoods where we live and work."
Such service has always been important to him. A lifelong resident of southeastern Michigan, he devotes substantial time to local charitable, civic, professional and educational activities.  For his contributions to the industry and his community commitment, he has received many honors, including an Engineering Society of Detroit Outstanding Civic Involvement Award, membership in the ESD College of Fellows, an honorary doctorate of engineering from Lawrence Technological University, the WJR Humanitarian of the Year Award, and election to the Michigan Construction Hall of Fame.
Ben holds a civil engineering degree from Michigan State University, with continuing education at Wayne State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.  He and his wife, Barbara, have one son, Ryan (a Barton Malow vice president), and three grandchildren.
Great Architecture of Michigan 
 Great Arch Logo
Photographs by Balthazar Korab
Text by John Gallagher
Published 2008
ISBN (Cloth): 9780981614403
Size: 9 x 10.5, 224 Pgs.,
162 Illus.
(all rights reserved))
 To purchase please call 313-965-4100
Health ImageBuildings We Learn In
Cranbrook Educational Community
39221 Woodward Avenue Bloomfield Hills
1907; 1918-42;19905
Eliel Saarinen, multiple others

It's not just the individual buildings, many designed by the great Eliel Saarinen, that make Cranbrook so memorable.  It's the whole package - buildings, gardens, fountains, outdoor sculpture, landscape design - that have earned Cranbrook international fame. One need not attend one of cranbrook's schools (elementary, secondary, or post-college graduate programs) to savor the splendor.  A day spent strolling the grounds reveals the essence: that Cranbrook is a place where beauty reigns; where every window sash, table lamp, bookshelf, and flower vase reflects a craftsman's care and love.  Many architects contributed, but pride of place must go to newspaper publisher George Booth, one of Detroit's great art patrons, who bought this rolling farmland early in the 20th century and spent the rest of his life building and shaping it.