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We gather and provide useful and interactive information on our Survey page with feedback on UCR, police/IT unit relationships, and even pension reform (do you think it's needed?)  
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We are certified law enforcement auditors through ILEAA
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PRI Management Group is the premier law enforcement records and information management training and consulting provider.  Our website is an online resource for all things police records related including product info, news, and resources designed to help those working in this field.

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I hope 2012 is treating you well.  I am going to be providing our UCR training class in Zachary, Louisiana April 19th.  This is a great 1 day overview of everything you need to understand how UCR works, what it does, and how the numbers should be used.  This class is open to any agency and fills up quickly so get details here.  


We are also planning some additional state specific records management classes as well as a new offering to provide assistance with CALEA accreditation standards requirements.  Stay tuned.  If you are interested in further information let us know here


As always, we are here for you!  If you're having problems with the efficient and effective management of your agency's records and data or are looking for assistance with your RMS/CAD project, let us know.  We represent the best interests of public safety agencies and their constituencies by advocating for your needs with the vendor community.  Don't be sold a bill of goods or promised that it "does everything you want" without us checking first.  Read about how we ensure your technology investment goes well.  




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Crime Stats & UCR for the  

Police Executive


              Zachary, Louisiana  April 19th. 






Using UCR to Compare Your Department With Others

Crime Stats  


Can a police department use UCR to compare itself with other departments?  Most certainly not.  Here's why. 


Institute of Police Records Management Update 

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The Institute has a couple of new features including an updated Development Center with state resources and a survey page where you can see what other agencies are doing in records related functions.


We still need member's help with submitting sample policies and manuals for sharing with the membership.  Submit yours today!  


Master of Criminal Justice Administration Online
Loyola University New Orleans

Loyola New Orleans (my alma mater) is offering an online masters program in Criminal Justice Administration, combining public and business administration.  Click here for details


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  • RMS/CAD project management
  • Records program design and implementation
  • Crime stat audits
  • Storage systems design and implementation
  • Information management assessments and design