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We gather and provide useful and interactive information on our Survey page with feedback on UCR, police/IT unit relationships, and even pension reform (do you think it's needed?)  
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PRI Management Group is the premier law enforcement records and information management training and consulting provider.  Our website is an online resource for all things police records related including product info, news, and resources designed to help those working in this field.

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The Highlands County Sheriff's Office, Central Records unit (and the job of police records specialists in general) was highlighted in a great news article last week in Highlands Today.  What a great tribute to those who work in the profession- please share with your Records team.  See the article here.


And how about this as an example of when RMS works the way it should: "I feel like I'm not doing something because it's so easy to do it all now," said Kay Swanson, the Beltrami County Records supervisor. "I feel like I'm missing something. But we're not. It's just that much more efficient."  Beltrami County obtained a new records management system, a decision that has proven to be a good one.  See the article here.  


Remember that members of our Institute of Police Records Management have access to actual reviews of records management systems and a whole bunch of other resources   




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Upcoming Police Records Training Seminars 


Building a Model Police Records Section


Leesburg, FL PD December 12-13 




Managing Police Records in Louisiana


St. Tammany Parish, November 15



Using UCR to Compare Your Department With Others

Crime Stats  


Can a police department use UCR to compare itself with other departments?  Most certainly not.  Here's why. 


Institute of Police Records Management Update 

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The Institute has a couple of new features including an updated Development Center with state resources and a survey page where you can see what other agencies are doing in records related functions.


We still need member's help with submitting sample policies and manuals for sharing with the membership.  Submit yours today!  


N-DEx Info 

"The National Law Enforcement Data Exchange is an information-sharing system available through a secure Internet site for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. N-DEx allows agencies to search and analyze data using some powerful automated capabilities, helping to connect the dots between people, places, and events."  FBI.

Click here for information regarding N-DEx and how to get connected.


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