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We are certified law enforcement auditors through ILEAA.
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PRI Management Group helps law enforcement manage information better through sound records processes and technology. We provide records management and technology consulting and training services designed to improve police reporting efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility.   
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The Institute for Police Records Management is open!  It is the world's first online platform for universal best practices, information sharing, and training opportunities for law enforcement records executives and IT personnel.


If you are a member of a state records organization such as LERMA, LEIRA, AZLERMA or MTLEIRA, I invite your members to join and extend your reach in the police records field. Your $75 membership fee will ensure the ongoing development of the institute through marketing, research, and training opportunities. 


Get details about the Institute here . One of the main goals is to develop a certification for police records clerks and supervisors.  We would like to collaborate with any associations interested in such a project.




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Law Officer magazine writes about us!

Law Officer magazine met us at the LEIM conference in San Diego June 13-15. Little do I know they'd write about us.  See the article here.  Thanks Nick!  


Nashville Crime Stat Audit Complete

The comprehensive audit of Nashville PD's crime stats and reporting procedures revealed that no intentional downgrading of crime had occurred.  While some 10,000 cases didn't get reported, it was (as it usually is) a technical problem, not a case of cooking the books. 

PRI Management Group assisted with the audit.  See the report here.


Public Records News

Does your city have red light cameras? Or how about a private company that manages the storage of records for your department?  If so, it is important to ensure your contracts with these vendors don't conflict with state law governing the release of records.

In Louisiana for example there is no law which spells out the responsibility that a private vendor has which maintains public records on behalf of public agencies.  Does the vendor act on behalf of the public agency when responding to requests for information?  Do public records laws have to be followed? 

With the increase of red light cameras, off-site records facilities and back-up data centers, it is important to determine the legal relationship that is created in these situations and what the responsibilities are when it comes to public records.  Check the law in your state and with your attorney general's office for guidance.

Click here for related articles on this issue.


Technology news


As budget cuts have led to the rapid emergence of widespread organizational restructuring and the need for police departments to find better ways of doing business, one wonders "where's the money?".


Fusion centers, information sharing, interoperability and justice systems integrations are still the driving forces in law enforcement technology.  So where do you go for help?  Where can you find the money? How can you do business better?  


Here's our list of resources:


 1) Law Officer magazine:  "Where's the money?"  


 3) National Institute of Justice: Strategic Cutbacks

 4) Justice Technology Information Network

 5) Cops 2.0: Communication, Technology, Service


 7) Better policing: Cops and Crime  

 8) RMS systems  

 9) For crime analysts:


Improve your records operations with e-commerce. 



If you are still responding to requests for copies of reports by printing out paper, making copies and stuffing envelopes, it's time to get Docview for a better way to handle requests for copies of reports!  Yes, its fully compliant with the law. Let's not complicate things here.  And its completely free.  Check it out.


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