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Upcoming Events
The IACP LEIM Conference will be held June 13-15 in San Diego.  Meet us in booth #116!

Versadex Users Conference September 19-22, 2011 in Tampa.  Details here.
Eforce Users Conference August 3-4, 2-11 Park City, Utah. Details here.
Spillman Users Conference September 19-22, 2011 in Park City, Utah.  Details here.
Important UCR/NIBRS Survey!
In our ongoing quest to correctly educate law enforcement administrators about how UCR works (and how the data gets misused and abused) we are taking a 4 minute survey from our readers.

Once we have the survey results we will publish them and a corresponding article on the connection between crime stats and outdated customer service efforts still in place in LE.  We will perhaps finally prove why you can't and shouldn't compare your UCR figures to other agencies!

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We are certified law enforcement auditors through ILEAA
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Greetings everyone,


After much anticipation I am very happy to announce that the new website is here.  The new site will continue to grow and evolve with new features including the International Institute of Police Records Management which will be open in the very near future.


The site includes the latest news, great new sharing options and you can comment on our articles (share your thoughts with us and with other visitors).


You can also get the information and resources you need in our comprehensive library containing public records and technology resources.




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Police Records Seminars 2011 


Building a Model Police Records Section


Mandeville, Louisiana July 25-26

                                                                                Full Details Here

Crime Stats & UCR for the Police Executive


Hallandale Beach, FL. Police Dept. June 27


Citrus County Sheriff's Office August 29




International Institute of Police Records Management

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We are very excited to announce that very soon we will be opening membership to the world's first international police records management institute.


The first 25 people to sign up will be the Institute's Founding Members and receive a free lifetime membership! 


Sign up here to receive announcements about the Institute's developments and opening.  Read about the Institute here.


Offer your reports online.



If you are still responding to requests for copies of reports by printing out paper, making copies and stuffing envelopes, well let's just say your missing the boat; getting run over by the bus; falling behind- way way behind. Got it? Then use Docview for a better way to handle requests for copies of reports!  Yes, its fully compliant with the law. Let's not complicate things here.  And its completely free.  Check it out.


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Interesting News


Did you hear about the guy who stole a laptop and got caught because the computer had a live camera built in?  Read about this guy and how the case should have been handled perhaps a little better?  What do you think? Leave your comment.


Has the Taser debate been put to rest?


So can people finally relax?  If you get tasered don't worry, it's safe



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