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July, 2008 Update

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Summer Party Photos
Help Find Class XIII: Join a Focus Group
Sr. Fellows Retreat
"Third Thursday" Takes Summer Break
What is ALF's Value to You?
Pay Your Sr. Fellows' Dues ONLINE
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As ususal, there are many things happening in ALF this month -- take a quick look here and make sure you're not missing anything...

Summer Party Photos
summer party Official ALF Photographer Stephen Tse once again captures the fun

ALFers sure know how to enjoy themselves when they get together, and the ALF Summer Party on June 26th in Clarksburg was no exception.  See the photos

New: Join a Nominating Focus Group and Weigh-in on ALF 2020 Planning
Class XIII logoHelp the Fellows Nominating Committee find potential ALFer from targeted groups

Also help advise the ALF Board on what ALF should look like in 2020

The Fellows Nominating Committee, chaired by Class III's Mary Muse, invites you to participate in a focus group to help indentify and recommend potential ALF Fellows from specific communities in the region.

Your participation in one 2-hour meeting this July will help ensure that Class XIII accurately represents the diversity of the region -- a key to the ALF program.

You do not have to be a member of a particular community to participate in that group's meeting (i.e., you don't have to be Latino to participate in the Latino focus group).  If you have knowledge that would benefit a group, you are wanted!

ALF 2020 logoAlso, as part of the meeting, incoming ALF board chair Larry Garcia asks you to spend a few minutes in a short discussion to inform him and the ALF board about what ALFers see as the future of ALF in 2020 to provide feedback to the board's strategic planning and new director search process.

If you would like to attend a meeting or two (it's likely you could have info on potential Fellows from several communities), please click a link below for details and to RSVP. 

African American Focus Group: Thurs, 7/31, 9-11am
American Indian Focus Group: Fri, 8/1, 8:30-10:30am
Asian/Pacific Islander Focus Group: Tues, July 29, 12-2pm
Latino Focus Group: Tues, 7/15, 1-3pm
Gay/Lesbian Focus Group: Mon, 7/28, 10-12 pm
El Dorado County Focus Group: Mon, 7/21, 2:30-4:30pm
Placer County Focus Group: Fri, 7/25, 9-11 am
Yolo County Focus Group: Fri, 7/18, 8:30-10:30am
Business Sector Focus Group: Weds, 7/30, 12-2pm
Nonprofit Sector Focus Group: Tues, 7/22, 2:30-4:30pm

Upcoming Event: Sr. Fellows' Retreat -- Make Your Hotel Reservations Today!
vino belloCollective leadership authority
Bill Isaacs joins us for the annual event

November 16-17, Vino Bello Resort, Napa

Join us for twenty-four hours of fun with your ALF family and learning new tools to improve your skills as you work in the community and in your profession.  Recharge your batteries by attending this event.

Bill Isaacs Bill Isaacs is Founder and president of Dialogos, and a leading authority on collective leadership, dialogue, and the design and implementation of organizational learning.  His book, Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together (Doubleday), was featured in Fast Company as a guide to "the secret of good informal conversation," and has been acclaimed by a variety of reviewers as the definitive guide to profound change through speaking and listening.

Vino Bello Resort has a special ALF Retreat rate of $139 for suites and $169 for one-bedroom condos (both single or double occupancy). Make your reservations now either online (group code: ALF) or by calling (866) 729-7182 and tell them you are with ALF.

The retreat will run from noon Sunday until noon Monday.  We encourage classes to plan their own reunions on Saturday night for extra time together!  ALF discounted group rates for Saturday night are $269/$319.

"Third Thursday" Takes Summer Hiatus
Monthly informal discussion to return in September

The Third Thursday informal discussion group will take the months of July and August off and return in September with a look at youth issues in the Sacramento region.  Keep an eye out for more info this fall.

What Has ALF's Value Been to You?
Your comments will help brand the value of ALF to board and committee members and the community

Please write a few sentences about what the value of ALF has been to you, whether personally, professionally, or in your work in the community. Specifics are preferred, but if the story is sensitive, you can use generalities to tell the story.
We will be collecting those statements and using them as reflections at the beginning of meetings during this important year of planning for our future. Follow the link above to send your comments and join us in making this year the best ever.
Don't Forget to Pay Your
Sr. Fellows Dues...  Pay ONLINE
An important funding source for the Sr. Fellows' program for the year

A big part of ALF's funding for the Sr. Fellows' program comes from your annual dues payment.  The amount remains the same - $240 a year (just $20 a month), and we offer full or partial scholarships.  We have, in past years, had an amazingly high percentage of members pay dues, indicating the value members see in the ALF programs. We hope that will be true this year as well.
Payment of your full dues or Booster and Star Club level dues and contributions can be made right now, online.  If you would like to pay a smaller amount, please send a check payable to ALF and indicate "dues" in the subject line.  Send it to ALF, 1321 Garden Highway, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA  95833.