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Summer Newsletter 2010 

The sign will feature the original Trafalgar Township Crest.
School House Renovations Update

Our renovations are coming along- but slowly. Waiting for inspections has slowed us down a bit but our contractor is plugging away! A new development is that Mattamy will be starting on the new kitchen very soon. We are very grateful for their generous donation.  Please note that we are without a bathroom at this time so please plan accordingly if you are coming to visit! We are very excited that our new sign will be installed shortly.
Thanks to Alchemy Architectural Castings for the donation!
Don't forget to renew your membership. We count on this income to cover the heating and insurance costs of the schoolhouse. ($25 for individuals & $35 for families) made payable to Trafalgar Twp Historical Society.  Send to Jane Watt, 3089 Jaguar Valley Drive, Apt. B2, Mississauga, Ont. L5A 2J1
TTHS Board Meetings
Our next board meeting is at the schoolhouse at 3pm on Tuesday August 17th. Please call ahead if you are interested in attending incase we change the location due to construction. All are welcome to attend and participate in discussion.
Recent Donations
We want to thank the following people for their donations
Charlie Hughes - built a beautiful speakers' podium for us that was put to good use by our speaker last month. Thank you so much Charlie for donating your handywork!
Dee McAulay -  donated some books for display in the schoolhouse
Karen Smithson - donated a recently completed history of the Post & Hanham families.
Speaker Series

Tuesday, June 29th, 7pm at the Schoolhouse - "A pictorial review of the early history of Halton County with a comparison of the development of north and south Halton featuring many of the settlements, entrepreneurs and industries."
Guest Speaker: Local Halton Author and Historian, John McDonald
 John is currently writing a new book called Halton's Heritage.
Queries & Contributions
Bob Davis writes: I have a truck that had painted on it 'John MacIntosh Trafalgar Ont.' and believe it or not I'm told he used the truck in his apple orchard business. Would you have any information on the location or time frame for his business? I believe it was from the end of WWII into the 60s when he passed away. 
Lena Ruehle- sends along this new website called Oakville Memories put together by R. O. (Bob) Hughes
Oakville Historical Society is looking for people's stories & memories of Oakville from 1930 to present day. For instance  maybe you have some memories to share of how you survived The Great Depression or World War II?  Send your stories and photos (with dates) - to the Oakville Historical Society, preferably by email at or drop off at 110 King St., Oakville ON L6J 1B1.  Mail:  Oakville Historical Society, Box 69501, 109 Thomas Street, Oakville ON, L6J 3A7.   Stories and photos will be compiled into a digitized scrapbook (on computer) and a selection of stories will later be published as a book.  For more information, or 905-844-2629
Wayne Cox writes: I believe Centriller was built 1923 and I thought demolished 1975. I attended the closing good byes amd met some of my grade school teachers who attended the get to-gether. One teacher was Mr. Reynolds who was a principal at Palermo public for years. I see you have a Centriller picture from 1979. do you know what year it was demolished?
Trafalgar History Updates
North Oakville Heritage Street Names
The Town is requesting that people submit suggestions for street names for new developments above Dundas in Oakville. We have a form for people to fill out that includes the name suggested, reason for the suggestion and the lot and concession numbers that it would apply to.  This is of an urgent nature as these street names are being finalized now. Please send us your submissions as soon as you can. 
Bronte Park Buildings
We would like to urge you to write letters to Kevin Flynn again. The boarding up of the buildings is at a stand still. Nothing has moved forward since we met with Kevin. Please let Kevin know that this is important to you. We have entrusted the buildings in the park to the Province and they should be required to protect them from the elements until a use can be found for them. Currently the province is demolishing these buildings by neglect.
Future of Palermo
The meeting regarding Palermo that we told you about in the last newsletter was deffered due to lack of proper notice being given to the community. We will let you know when the next one is planned. Thank you to all the people who wrote letters and came out to the council meeting. We have are hoping that a meeting will be set up between the Town, local land owners and us in the near future.  
Heritage Events Around Halton
July 1- Esquesing Historical - Walking Tour of Glen Williams - Join Mark Rowe at 10:15 a.m. at Williams Mill 
5th Annual Trafalgar Heritage Fair 
Saturday, September 25th from 10:00 AM to - 4:00 PM
Palermo School House - 2431 Dundas St. W.
Join us for...
"Rural Routes" photo exhibit & sale,
Ink Well & Slate Collection,
Heritage Displays from local groups,
Pony Rides, BBQ,
Canadianna Book sale
(we also hope to feature a working bathroom!!)

Trafalgar War Memorial - Need some help!
The mortar between the war memorial panels has deteriorated. The designer had not taken into account the amount of water that would be sitting on the plaques despite the slight incline. The plaques will be removed for the summer and then re-installed. However, there is concern that the original plaque taken from the Trafalgar Hall is being negatively affected from the water sitting in it.
The Town will be removing the original plaque and making a replica to replace it that will mimic it but will not have the same 3D relief. The Town is planning on either returning it to the Oakville Museum or Oakville Historical Society.
We would like the original plaque to remain in the former Trafalgar Township and we would urge you to contact the Town of Oakville to request that the plaque stays at Town hall, or instead either comes  to us for display in the Palermo schoolhouse or goes in Iroqouis Ridge Community Centre or in a future Community Centre above Dundas. Please address your concerns to Chris Mark in the Parks Department at the Town and the Local & Regional Counselor where the plaque currently resides Jeff Knoll
History Of Sheridan
There are various short histories that we have collected on Sheridan but some conflict with others so it makes it difficult to come up with something that we are 100% comfortable with. Having said that we have had a request from the Clearview community (that is located where Sheridan was) to try and put something together. We have written about the Sheridan Cairn and Silo at the Tim Hortons in previous newsletters so will not be discussing those again here, except to say that they are the only remaining heritage features of Sheridan. I think both the Clearview Community website and the Mississauga Heritage  Foundation site have good histories. We will focus on the Trafalgar side of Sheridan. I will say from the start that this is a beginning and I am going to need input from our readers to come up with a complete History of Sheridan. There are more questions than answers here. I would love it if people would correct and add in more information- and especially send us photos! A proper history will require a visit to the land registry records.

Dundas Street            
Upper Middle rd



806 Wilmot Survey          1877 Halton Historical Atlas
Trafalgar Twp. was laid out in lots and ready for settlement in 1806.  Sheridan was on the Town Line so also extended into present day Mississauga.  It appears that Henry Shook, Abraham Lockman, and Bernard Hagar all owned land in 1806. An additional family arrived in 1817 but I can not decipher the map- possibly Greenius. A visit to the land registry would be a more thorough route of establishing who lived where and when. The histories we have say that "Sheridan was first called Hammondsville after David Hammond who was an early settler" there (histories in our files say resident by 1813).  William Hammond paid rent for lot 35, 2nd Con SDS on 31 August 1830 (This was in present day Peel on the border of present day Oakville). 
Oughtred House (Mississauga Library) demolished 1939 for QEW
The Post Office became Sheridan in March 1, 1857. (There were two Post office locations at different times, both on the Peel side) The name Sheridan was suggested by Stephen Oughtred to honour the Irish playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan.  Stephen lived on the Trafalgar side above Upper Middle Road and also ran the blacksmith shop north of his home. 
Sheridan Methodist Church c1910 (Mississauga Library)
On the South side of  Upper Middle and West of the Town line there was a store and home built by Erastus Hill, a church built 1869,  a school house, Ferris Lawrence's home,  Solomon Savage's home and Sylvester Greeniaus' home.  The temperance hall was here too but moved to the west side in Peel in1890 ("the old Frogmore Zion Church from Dundas)
On the Peel side there was a shoemaker, carpenter & wagonmaker, "spring and well", store and post office, E. Hill furniture, and Wainwright tannery. Sheridan Methodist Church c1910 (Mississauga Library)
The 1851 Census has
Carton family- which has the schoolhouse on their land
Hanley, Powel, Taylor, Clark, Wilson, Tunis, Gibert, House, Jacklin, Walker, Greenius, and Verner as well as others. All were in frame one storey or log homes.
The 1861 Census for Trafalgar shows the following in close proximity - among others.
Daniel Greenius a farmer, born in the US age 69 in a frame 1 storey home
S. Greenius listed with dad above as a labourer age 27  and born in Upper Canada
S. Oughtred a blacksmith, born Lower Canada, age 39 in a frame 1 storey home
Sol Savage a farmer, born England, age 52 in a 1   storey frame home
Samuel Shain a farmer, born Upper Can. Age 59 in a 1 frame home
E.D. Hill a merchant, born in Upper Canada, age 42 in a 2 storey brick home
Ferris Lawrence a farmer, born in Upper Canada age 29 living in a 1 storey frame home
Verner family with Frederick A Verner born in Upper Canada 1836 and in the Military at time of census.
Frederick Arthur Verner born 1836 in Sheridan, enrolled at London's Heatherley's Academy in 1856. He served in the British military from 1858- 1862 and then returned to Canada and worked as photograph colorist but also sketched the wilderness and Indian tribal communities. He co-founded the Ontario Society of Artists in 1872 and moved to England in 1880. Overseas, his work gained popularity. Verner returned to Canada every so often to gain source material. There is a historical plaque erected near Sheridan College for him.
In 1869 Ferris Lawrence donated half an acre of land for Sheridan Methodist Church.
Ferris's death notice in the Orangeville Banner in 1913 said... "one of the oldest residents of the County of Halton, died at his home near Sheridan on Saturday at the ripe age of 84 years. Mr. Lawrence was born within half a mile of the farm on which he died and lived in the vicinity practically all his life."  "The deceased was prominent in Church work, was public spirited and took a keen interest in all enterprises calculated to benefit the community in which he resided."
Sheridan Nurseries gets its' name from the Town of Sheridan. Howard & Laurie Dunington- Grubb immigrated to Canada from England in 1911 and purchased 100 acres in Sheridan from Daniel Greenius. They were some of the first landscape architects in the country. The nursery operated there until 1987.
In 1877, Sheridan's reached its highpoint with a population of 100. With the widening of roads and the building of the QEW much of Sheridan was demolished. Today all that remains is the Sheridan cairn  hat was constructed in 1986 and the  silo beside it..

Hardy House in Sheridan - 1914
Back Lane Wilson Farm
Sheridan Store - 1950
Wilsormhouse - 1930