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Traveling Scholar Award Announced

Indigo Orb, Inc. teams up with Kybele in creation of a $5,000 traveling scholar award.
Dr. Nesrine El-Refai, Professor of Anesthesia, Cairo University will be the first award recipient for Spring 2009.

Nurse Midwives at Ridge Hospital in Accra, Ghana are enthusiastic about using a newly purchased computer from Kybele to track patient records.  Currently all records are manually recorded.

Spotlight on
 Romania Project
The First Site Visit

In April 2007, a team of two physicians, Virgil Manica  (Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA) and Lisa Councilman (Texas A&M HSC-COM, Temple, TX),  visited four hospitals in the city of Bucharest and observed regional anesthesia and general anesthesia for cesarean sections, met with the medical directors of each hospital, and met with physicians from other hospitals in regards to future collaboration with Kybele.  The team members conducted a conference attended by approximately 60 physicians and presented an informative lecture about Kybele and a lecture on the updated ASA Obstetric Anesthesia Practice Guidelines.

Team members were interviewed for two television programs, two radio programs (one a 45-minute radio program entirely dedicated to Kybele), and two newspaper articles, all aimed to raise public awareness about regional anesthesia for childbirth.  In addition, Kybele was asked to assist with writing national protocols/guidelines for obstetric anesthesia and post-operative pain management, a much needed resource for ensuring uniformly safe obstetric anesthesia practices throughout Romania.  Plans were made to return with a larger team in May 2008 for teaching and Kybele was invited to participate in the SRATI (Romanian Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care) Congress.
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Kybele, Inc. is a 501 (c)3 humanitarian organization dedicated to improving childbirth conditions worldwide through medical education partnerships.
Issue 2
Kybele E-Newsletter
January 2009
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Dear :

Happy New Year from the Kybele Team!
We've had an outstanding year in 2008.  Medical teams traveled to Ghana (January, March, May, September), Egypt (April) and Romania(May).  We sponsored Dr. Nino Ninidze from The Republic of Georgia for a first time visit to the US.  She presented Kybele related improvements in her country at a national meeting and visited three North Carolina hospitals.  Dr. Ninidze is the 8th physician to be hosted by Kybele as part of our ongoing medical educational program. 
(Click HERE to read the abstracts presented by Dr. Ninidze.)

Kybele Team arrives in Egypt.
Significant improvements have occured. In Ghana, in addition to our ongoing educational program, we partnered with individuals and organizations to complete the following:
  • A linen drive project was spearheaded by a Dallas, TX mother-daughter team.  They collected hundreds of pounds of linens and personally took them to Ghana to provide covering for laboring patients and newborn babies.
  • Kybele partnered with Canadian "Food for the Hungry" and a semi truck container filled with vital medical equipment was delivered to Ridge Hospital in Ghana.  This included anesthesia machines, hospital beds, an X-ray machine and fetal monitors.  Canadian doctors raised funds among their colleagues to pay for the shipment. (see full article)
  • The executive directors of Hopscotch Adoptions (NC, NY) and Partners for Adoption (CA) traveled with Kybele to start an adoption program.  Soon babies and children will leave the impoverished orphanages and will join waiting families in the US. 

 Kybele Team in Romania.
I'm also pleased to report that an article written by Kybele IJOA Imagemember and Board Vice-President, Dr. Marge Sedensky, has been selected for publication in the International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia.  The article focuses on Kybele's work in Croatia.  In addition to being selected for publication, this article was also selected to be the lead article and was accompianied by an editorial.
Click HERE to read the full article
As you can see we are growing rapidly and we are so grateful for the volunteer support of our medical professionals who devote a great deal of time, money and compassion to help serve our mission.  The need is great and we couldn't do it without them.  Through the generosity of our volunteers and donors, lives are being changed.  Keep checking our website for upcoming planned trips and the latest news about Kybele. 

Medge Owen Sig
Medge D. Owen, MD
Upcoming Programs
If you are interested in a Kybele program, please contact a program leader below.

GHANA -  Jan 24 - Feb 8, 2009: This trip is full. This is a multidisciplinary team.  We will be working at 2 sites, Ridge Hospital in Accra (capital city) and one new site in Sunyani located near Kumasi in the middle of the country. There will be another trip in May 09 and the dates will be set soon. As well, there will be a trip in Sept 09 which may be scheduled to include the All African Anesthesia conference in Niarobi Sept 12-17.

REPUBLIC OF GEORGIA / TURKEY - March 28 - April 11, 2009: This trip was originally scheduled for Georgia for two weeks during Oct 2008. It was postponed due to political unrest. We have restructured the trip for the new dates listed. The team will fly to Istanbul and will spend the first week in and around Tbilisi and the second week in Turkey. If the situation in Georgia destabilizes over the next few months, we will shift the team to Turkey. We could use several more obstetricians. Please contact Dr. Brittany Clyne.
ROMANIA - May 17 - 26, 2009:   A small multidiciplinary team will return to Romania to work in one hospital. We will include one additional OB anesthesiologist and obstetrician. Please contact Dr. Virgil Manica.
MONGOLIA - June 11 - 21, 2009: This trip is full. This will be a multidiscplinary group that will visit 4 hospitals...many on the team will come from Australia. 
EGYPT - October 1 - 9, 2009: The trip will expand to 5 hospitals. We are recruiting for participation. Please contact Dr. Sabri Barsoum.

Quilt Detail

Detail of the Kybele Quilt by Marga de Bruijn.

These Bags are Complete Trash
Kybele Merchandise:  The Story Behind the Bags
Thinking of plastic packaging in a different way can bring many benefits.  The problem with packaging is that after its original role has been fulfilled it is considered to be without any value.  Creative and innovative solutions can be found however, that can add value to this seemingly valueless material and at the same time prolong its life by incorporating it into other products.

For several years Kybele has supported the work of Mr. Kwabena Osei-Bonsu, an environmental entrepenuer who has been making textile bags and other products for many years under the names Celestial Needy Childrens Fund, Gold Coast Projects, and Add Your Voice Now Ghana.  They found a solution to the problem above by collecting the discarded plastic drink sachets that are found in abundance in Ghana, and without expending much energy (unlike some recycling solutions) patch them together and use them as the material for bags and other products.  The result is Trashy Bags - 

Trashy Bags 1Millions of sachets have been collected, disenfected, dried and sewn into unique and useful bag designs such as backpacks, briefcases and totebags.  This enterprise has employed local workers (including many single mothers) in Ghana and helped to correct a much needed problem of polution.  In addition, during the rainy seasons, the water sachets (drinking pouches) clog the drainage systems creating pools of stagnant water. Standing water becomes a breeding ground for malaria-laden mosquitos. Malaria kills thousands of children each year, roughly 20% of children under the age of 5. Mr. Osei-Bonsu has undertaken an educational campaign to reduce the spread of malaria.  
 Trashy Bags 2
Kybele brings merchandise such as these Trashy Bags and a variety of other locally made textiles and gift items from the countries they visit and they are sold in the United States at various Kybele related events. 
For more information on how you can purchase a trashy bag from Kybele, contact the Kybele Office Administrator.  Each bag is different and prices range from $5-$30  
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