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sponsorSponsor a Child for a Night at Jill's House
JJ at Jill's House
Your recurring donation gives children like Jaison a night each month to experience Jill's House.

Jill's House is growing and we need more monthly recurring sponsors! We are so thankful for the 300 monthly donors who have committed to sponsoring a night of respite for our special children, and for their families who are in desperate need of rest and renewal. 

Today, we are serving more than 200 families and are growing rapidly! In order to provide monthly respite to our growing family base, we must double our current number of monthly sponsors. Here's why:
  • Families help as much as they can. But even after a family pays their portion, Jill's House incurs $125 per child to cover direct care costs alone. These costs include food, activities, nurses and specially trained child care specialists. 
  • Just $125. When you donate $125, you give the gift of Jill's House to a child with special needs and the gift of time to the ones who love them. One hundred percent of your contribution through the Sponsor-a-Child-for-a-Night program goes to the direct costs incurred during one child's stay for one night. 
  • A rhythm of respite. When you make your gift recurring, you allow Jill's House to provide a family a steady stream of breaks, a proven method to reduce stress and increase the family's ability to care for its child.
One gracious family has donated $425,000 to Jill's House as a matching challenge for the Sponsor-a-Child-for-a-Night program. So far, Jill's House has raised $205,000 toward this match. Will you prayerfully consider helping Jill's House raise the additional $220,000 needed? Your gift will have twice the impact. All gifts received by March 31, 2012, will count toward the match.  

By sponsoring a child for a night, you help these amazing families breathe easy for a night by providing safe overnight care for their children. Please consider sponsoring a child today--individually, or with your family, coworkers or Bible study group, YOU can make a difference in a family's life by providing them with the gift of respite at Jill's House.

Learn more about the Sponsor-a-Child-for-a-Night program, or become a monthly partner now


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JohnsonsFamily Spotlight: The Johnsons

Michael and Brigid Johnson's introduction to Jill's House in 2011 could not have been more providential. Their son, Patrick, is severely autistic. Michael, an Army officer, says the burden of caring for Patrick has always fallen primarily on Brigid's shoulders. 
Patrick at Jill's House
Patrick enjoys playing instruments in Cricket Symphony, the Jill's House music room.

But last summer Brigid was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She subsequently lost her vision. 

Michael was heartbroken. During that time, he read this passage from Matthew 11:28: "Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." Michael pondered the verse the night he found out Brigid had lost her eyesight. The next day he heard about Jill's House and the help it could provide for Patrick. The timing was uncanny. 

Soon, Patrick visited Jill's House as an extension of his school program at The Aurora School and has since become a "regular." The Johnsons see Jill's House and its mission as divinely inspired. "For a night, Jill's House carries the burden," says Michael, "and we can rest." 

Michael confesses he was skeptical about Jill's House's ability to handle his son. Patrick is six feet tall and weighs 200 pounds. New social situations are challenging for him. Like many others with autism, Patrick thrives on routine and needs to know what to expect. The Johnsons prepare his monthly calendar with care, since Patrick's photographic memory scans it instantly. When frustrated, Patrick stomps his feet and hits his head. When Michael learned about Jill's House staff members and the professional training they receive, he realized Jill's House "had a shot at understanding my son."

Now, Patrick specifically asks for a Jill's House visit to be placed on his calendar each month. He loves the facility's pool, moon bounce and computer time - and Michael and Brigid have time to relax and concentrate on each other. Recently, Brigid toured Jill's House for the first time with Michael, allowing her to experience firsthand Patrick's home-away-from-home. Michael patiently and lovingly described the details of each room. Brigid was able to feel the firmness of the beds, experience the sensory rooms and breathe in the scent of the pool. Brigid's excitement and enthusiasm was contagious, and Michael's play-by-play narrative in the course of the tour offered a unique father's perspective.

"Over and over, Jill's House gives us successful overnight stays for Patrick," says Michael. "Each time, it feels like they're winning a championship." Jill's House is honored to be a part of the Johnsons' winning team!

Read more stories of rest and renewal from families like the Johnsons.  

taraVolunteer Profile: "Amazing People Work and Volunteer at Jill's House"

Jill's House volunteer Tara Briggs tells us what she loves about serving at Jill's House. 
Tara Briggs
Tara Briggs serves weekly as a receptionist at the front desk of Jill's House.

JH: Tell us about your background. 
Tara: I taught swimming lessons during high school and college. In the process, I developed a passion for working with children. Then I went on to study business. For the last 13 years, I have worked in management consulting, primarily in the telecommunications industry. I realized my strengths in problem-solving and making business
improvements could benefit others--especially since I understand how people, process and technology work together. Both my professional experience and my interest in children have opened a door for me at Jill's House to connect with the staff and children. 

JH: What inspired you to become a Jill's House volunteer? Tara: The mission resonated with me: offering families respite while giving their special children a place to thrive. I decided to step away from my career temporarily to focus on my family and to give back to the community. Serving at Jill's House is a wonderful way to do that. 

JH: Describe your responsibilities at Jill's House. 
Tara: I am a weekday receptionist and assist with special projects at Jill's House. At the front desk, I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming the children and new prospective families to Jill's House. Special projects allow me to use my consulting background to identify areas of opportunity for Jill's House. 

JH: What is most meaningful to you about your Jill's House experience? 
Tara: The environment is positive! Amazing people work and volunteer at Jill's House and I'm grateful to be a part of that kind of team. Most of all, I experience satisfaction in serving the families. The appreciation in the parents' eyes and the smiles on the children's faces make volunteering worthwhile. 

JH: What would you say to someone considering becoming a Jill's House volunteer? 
Tara: Do it! The Jill's House team will help you find a good fit for your interests and skills. They are welcoming and open to any amount of time you can offer. Serving at Jill's House is incredibly rewarding!


Do you want to use your skills and passions to volunteer at Jill's House? We will find a place for you! Sign up at jillshouse.org/volunteer, or contact Jan Pascoe for more information. 


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rockyrunThank You, Rocky Run Christmas Show! 

Jill's House would like to thank the Triantos family, who generously donated the proceeds from their 2011 Rocky Run Christmas Show to Jill's House. Annually, the Triantos' 
decorate their home with 150,000 lights animated to music as part of a 12-minute show. This year, hundreds of cars lined up throughout the six-week run to watch a mesmerizing display of Christmas cheer. The 2011 Rocky Run Christmas Show raised more than $12,000 for Jill's House! Thank you, Triantos family and the Rocky Run Christmas Team!

Rocky Run
The Rocky Run Christmas Show lights up the night during a December performance of its Star Wars-themed Christmas show. 

summitAttend the 12th Annual Accessibility Summit

You will not want to miss the 12th Annual Accessibility Summit taking place on April 20-21, 2012, in Vienna, VA. This special conference is intended for families and caregivers, faith-based organizations, teachers and other professionals connected to the disability community.

The 2012 Summit offers 30 workshops led by experts and covers a broad range of disability-related topics. Families, caregivers, churches, teachers and other professionals will be able to attend innovative and educational  presentations on issues relevant to those impacted by a disability.  

This year's featured speakers include Patrick Schwarz, a highly regarded expert on inclusive classrooms and special education, Eustacia Cutler, mother of Dr. Temple Grandin and author and advocate for people with disabilities and Patrick Henry Hughes, a multi-instrument musician who was born with physical disabilities.  

Find more information or register now for the 2012 Accessibility Summit.

waystoWays to Support Jill's House
Your Company May Double Your Gift! 

Many corporations match charitable contributions from their employees and retirees. Check our database or contact your employer's human resources department to learn specifics about its matching gift program.  
potmPhoto of the Month 
Photo of the Month
Kelly rides an adaptable bike with staff member Kristy in Big Sky Gym, the indoor gym at Jill's House.


February 29, 2012


Since opening in October 2010, Jill's House has provided 65,471 hours of respite.

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2012 Big Band Dance to Benefit Jill's House


The 2012 Dance will take place on May 19 in McLean, VA. Event sponsorships are available. To attend, visit jillshouse.org/dance or contact Kat Vinson at kat.vinson@jillshouse.org or 703.639.5670. 

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The Ride to Jill's House


The 2012 Ride to Jill's House will take place on June 9. Register online or contact Joe Livingood for more information. 

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The 2012 Links for Little Ones Golf Tournament will take place on October 8.

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"Rally Around 

Jill's House" Tennis Tournament


The Burke Racquet & Swim Club will host the "Rally Around Jill's House" tennis tournament April 27-29.  All proceeds from the tournament will help to sponsor children for nights of respite at Jill's House. If you would like to be involved, contact Spencer Kooshian at skoosh@live.com

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What Our Families Are Saying ... 

"Jill's House is such a blessing for our family. We get a break and know that our son is being taken care of by the best staff."  


"We continue to be amazed at the love you give to our son. There are so many fun things for him to do--the pool, the bikes, the music, the animals and the finger painting! Thank you for this wonderful gift!" 


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Work at Jill's House

As Jill's House grows, it continues to need more great people.  


We are currently hiring for the following positions:


-Manager, Annual Giving

-Child Care Specialist


Complete listing and job descriptions.  

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