January 6, 2011Welcome to 2011
Renew, Rejuvenate, Recharge, Reclaim, Refresh

(Below:  Peppy and some of the lovely ladies who attended the PEP Talk! Launch Party on 01/01/11.  Photo courtesy of Simon Enterprises)

Many of you were traveling and missed my New Year Message so click right here for it.  2011 came hard and fast and even though technically, it is just another day (and just a few days now), there is no denying the exciting feeling that "newness" brings.  Since I am very sentimental, "out with the old, and in with the new" has never been one of my favorite phrases.  There is nothing from 2010 that I plan to throw out this year.  Instead I will be making improvements, building, expanding, learning, growing, spreading my wings, and continuing to fine-tune projects which I had already put in motion.  I felt great about 2010 and I feel groovy about what lies ahead in 2011.   Last year, many of us made resolutions that we did not accomplish because of various stumbling blocks.  Do not be disheartened, and remember that  "one of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks." 

This year represents another 365 days for you to continue working on your goals and dreams so that they can become realities in the not too distant future. Someone once told me that the paths in life which have no obstacles probably do not lead to anywhere special.  I really believe that and hope that you do.  ACTIVELY think about turning those obstacles into stepping stones and visualize the special places you would like to be...Trust me, the Universe IS listening.

For the past four years, my number one favorite "thing"  to do in January is to renew, rejuvenate and recharge.  That also means that in January, I typically do much less as far as work is concerned and a lot more resting and relaxing.  Because of my newest project, PEP Talk!, I am still cranking away and have not really had the time to get all those Rs in, but I am close!  If you have not taken some time to just breathe from the events of 2010 and detox in the spirit of welcoming a new year, I hope you will make the time to do so. This is not about taking a vacation -- it is about reconnecting with yourself and taking time out to rejuvenate so you can refocus and reclaim what is yours.

Again, I wish you a wonderful 2011.  I hope to actually meet some of you in person this year.  I remain thankful for your continued support and am open to your suggestions, feedback and more.  Happy anniversary to Willis and Diane Eubanks; Happy Birthday to Melissa Smith, Clehan Williams, Alex Flemmings, Jr., Swami Gyankirti, Michael Brown, Juan Davenport and everyone else celebrating this week.

This is OUR Year,

Rosie "Peppy" Parke
Creative Director

Peace. Love. Revolution. Vibes =
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PEP Talk! Thanks
PEP Talk! went LIVE on January 1, 2011 and I remain thankful to the over 60 people  who attended the Launch Party and were a part of our LIVE studio audience.  Special thanks to my parents and my son for ensuring that everything was ready, set, GO!!! The family that works together, dances together.

Many thanks to our guests -- Heru Ofori-Atta, Donna Heslop, and I-Peace Unikue who shared a little piece of what is going on in their world during the live segment.
Thanks to our DJs -- Paul Mack and Black Talawah for keeping us rocking from beginning to well past what was the intended end.  Thanks to our food and beverage crew -- Island Pride in Rockville, Camille Taylor, my mother, Franz Nicolas, Sister Chunny and Javia Flemmings who kept us fed, merry, and jubilant.  Thanks to guests from Season 1 who were in attendance --  Loide Jorge, Johann Richard and Stan Evan Smith.  Thanks to our sponsor,  Shea Essentials and our photographer, Lee Sims of Simon Enterprises.  Last but definitely not least, thanks to my cinematographer, editor and co-producer, Alex Flemmings, Jr.

faruqkujiIf you have not yet seen the first pepisode of PEP Talk! with the late Faruq Muhammad of UNIA-ACL, click HERE to watch it.
Brother Faruq Muhammad speaks candidly with Rosie "Peppy" Parke about his work with the UNIA-ACL and dealing with a rare form of cancer (chordoma) which eventually led to health complications.  He died on 12/24/10.


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