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The Importance of Consultants
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Fall 2010                                      


As the fourth quarter approaches it is imperative to have the best possible team and coaching staff in place. All of the pre-game pep talks and analyses come down to those final few plays where you can truly deliver for your clients, colleagues and partners. With the consultant and third party databases increasing their demands for fourth quarter, ManagerQuest® provides the solution to win.
ManagerQuest® gives you all the marketing and data delivery tools you need in an integrated, web-based business suite. Your information will consistently be updated accurately and supplied to consultants and databases. There won't be any surprises. There won't be any missed opportunities. You'll have a single playbook to give you confidence when dealing with consultants.  
At A.S.A.P. we work with hundreds of investment professionals around the globe and are confident that ManagerQuest® is the best solution to keep managers focused when the game is on the line.  
All of us here at A.S.A.P. would like to take this opportunity to thank our fans, clients, partners, and industry experts. It is because of you that we train to be the best we can be.
Melanie Horvath
Executive Vice President
Director of Global Sales & Marketing
866.922.8733, ext. 2
[email protected] 
The Importance of Consultants
Using consultants to give your investment products more visibility
Depending on the industry, 55%-80% of all investment manager searches are led by consultants. On the other hand, unless an asset manager has visibility with consultants, they can only expect to participate in 20%-45% of the institutional asset manager searches conducted in a given year.
If the asset manager's performance is above and beyond the competition, the results may beat those odds. Not surprisingly though, competition for institutional assets is fierce.
In the United States alone, there are more Registered Investment Advisors than there are publicly held securities. Pensions and Investments annually lists the top 1,000 asset managers worldwide.
PlanWorking your way into the approved lists for institutional asset manager searches requires a defined strategy for dealing with consultants.
Consultants work on behalf of the buyers. The good ones know everything there is to know about the market environment, competitors, pricing, technology, features and the reputations of various providers. Their mission is to match a buyer's needs with what is available among a dizzying array of options. 
Consequently making a favorable impression on a consultant is crucial to winning and keeping business. Making that favorable impression is not hard. The answer is to have the right people on your team who have successfully managed a credible process over a reasonable period of time and to have this accurately registered in the appropriate databases.
Consultant databases have quantitative and qualitative aspects. The quantitative information required is straightforward. The challenge to completing the quantitative information is the lack of standardization across the 60 plus databases. Submitting data in various formats can be a tedious, resource consuming but necessary effort. 
Qualitative information is conveyed in writing and in person. Investment philosophy and process narratives need to be submitted to these databases. These brief descriptions of how managers make money for their clients must be compelling and clear. They must also convey what a buyer can expect; in what kinds of markets will the strategy perform well? In what types of markets can the product expect to suffer? How is ownership distributed? What is the succession plan to replace senior employees and partners? And what is the client service philosophy? 
Finally, beyond successfully managing a process and populating databases, creating an impression requires face to face meetings with consultants. Whether it is salespeople, portfolio managers or consultant relations specialists performing this function, someone from your company needs to meet in person with the research teams at consulting firms. The decisions made by consultants are done in much the same way you would select an accountant, neurologist or patent attorney; they look the manager in the eye, listen to their story and decide if it is believable. 
It is a long process creating a successful investment product and growing - or building - a successful asset management business. Performance and perception in the eyes of the consulting industry are very important aspects of that process.
Understanding the X's and O's of Wilshire's Investment Manager Database
Vice President
Over the last decade many investment management firms have become intimately familiar with the Wilshire Odyssey questionnaire.  However, after populating the questionnaire, firms often have  questions regarding how their data is passed along to the appropriate end users. 

The following explanation will provide a 10,000 foot overview of how Wilshire Associates ("Wilshire®") channels data through two primary software products, Wilshire Compass and Wilshire Compass InSite (formerly Wilshire Mentor).   


The Wilshire Odyssey database has always been the backbone for the Wilshire Compass and Wilshire Mentor applications. However, in an effort to minimize the confusion, Wilshire Associates is in the process of rebranding two products commonly used by the investment management community: 


First, Wilshire Odyssey is currently being reconstructed and will be rebranded in 2011 as the Wilshire Compass Portal.  In addition to the information collected by the current questionnaire, the Wilshire Compass Portal will include several enhancements to increase the scope of information collected at both firm and product levels.

In addition, Wilshire Associates is developing numerous reports that will enable users to audit the information submitted.  
GameplanThe second product, Wilshire Compass InSite (formerly Wilshire Mentor), has already been rebranded. Wilshire Compass InSite provides investment managers with Web access to the same database and tools that are available to Wilshire Compass clients. These tools will allow investment managers to create reports and presentations highlighting their investment processes.  
In summary, Wilshire Associates' product line will include the Wilshire Compass Portal, Wilshire Compass, and Wilshire Compass InSite. The Wilshire Compass Portal will continue to serve as the primary database for both the Wilshire Compass and Compass InSite products, with the Wilshire Compass being made available to the plan sponsor community (public and corporate defined benefit plans, foundations, endowments, and other consulting firms) and Wilshire Compass InSite to the investment manager community.  
In addition to the plan sponsor community utilizing Wilshire Compass, it should also be noted that the Wilshire Compass is used by Wilshire's consultants and Wilshire's Manager Research Group. Current total assets under advisement by Wilshire Compass users are in excess of $1 Trillion making it imperative that the data provided to the database not only be accurate but also be as complete and timely as possible. 
ManagerQuest® Clients' Corner

Expanding Your Client Base

Interested in marketing and selling your products in Europe? Do you know which databases are most widely used by consultants in Europe? We do and we can help! Contact your Client Service Manager for more details and tips on breaking into the European marketplace.

ManagerQuest® Feature Spotlight: AUM Calculator

In addition to the various AUM tables required for each database and consultant, our powerful and flexible AUM Calculator can be used to complete ad hoc AUM Table requests. It is critical that the information provided to consultants and third party databases is consistent with all of your related marketing materials: surveys, RFIs, RFPs, consultant requests and presentations. For more information, please contact your Client Service Manager today.


Consultant News
~     Investment Metrics, LLC launched as an independent entity from Rogerscasey, as a provider of enterprise investment analytics and reporting solutions. Both still utilize the EQuest database as a source for manager data and information.  
~      Hewitt Associates is acquiring Ennis Knupp and Associates
 ~      CAMRADATA has signed up its first French consultant, Cedrus Partners and its first US consultant P-Solve Asset Management. 

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