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April 2009
Dear Friends,
If you live in Denver, there's a rite of spring that eventually gets all of us. 
Beginning in April and running through November, Denver dwellers must be aware of where they park their car on that one special day every month when the street sweepers come through. If your car is in The Zone (that is, on the wrong side of the street on your special day), there's no question you'll get a ticket. Not fun! Oh, I'm not saying that street-sweeping is a bad thing - I'm as happy as anyone to have a clean street - but yes, I do get annoyed (mostly with myself) when I forget and find myself paying the penalty of $25 or so.
So, if you haven't already, step outside and remind yourself of Your Special Day. I'm going to go do that right now. I think I'm the third Wednesday...
On a different topic, check out this Highlands/Sunnyside house that just went on the market today. It's a rare combination of vintage charm, 21st century updates & an excellent price! If you love natural woodwork, and also need a "real" house (that is, one with lots of space for your family, furniture & toys), check it out. It's gorgeous!
Hope you're having a good spring my friends!