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July 2008
Dear Friends,
I was on the news last night - Channel 4 to be precise. Just in case you missed my 2.5 seconds of fame, here's a link:

The gist of the interview wasn't originally meant to be a before & after of a vacant-then-staged house (Geri Bigum, you rock!); the original intent was to talk about how there ARE homebuyers out there running around Denver who have money to spend and want to spend it, but can't find anything to spend it on. In other words, they're really bummed out at the condition of the homes they're looking at, even though we're in a so-called buyer's market.
That was MY agenda anyway, but the Powers-that-Be at Channel 4 went with the home staging angle and I love how it came out. And seriously, you wouldn't believe the difference in the  home after Staging Denver worked their magic. It's fahbulous, dahling.
Anyway, just wanted to share my little moment in the spotlight. BTW, the featured house is in a great location in Highlands (NW Denver) and will be priced in the low $200's which is tough to find in the 'hood. If you know anyone who might be interested... send 'em my way. xoxoxo
All my best,