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January 2009
Okay, so I can't exactly take credit for finding this site, but I will take credit for turning my friends onto it...
I'm the new-agent trainer at my RE/MAX office and my very first trainee is becoming quite an expert on working the foreclosure market. He goes to auction every week and really does his research on each property his investor considers buying. So, yesterday, he showed me this neato site that maps out all the recent crimes surrounding an address, intersection, park or other public locale.
Okay, so maybe I'm a weirdo for thinking a map of crimes is cool, but, well, I do. I'm always asked by my buyer clients "How's the crime around here?" and in case you didn't know, I can't legally answer that question! So, having resources like this is tremendously helpful in my biz. By the way, on my website there are some more such links to "information I can't tell you about" at: Schools, demographics, crime rates... stuff like that.

On an unrelated note, your favorite real estate agent (ahem, that would be me), is getting ready to have her 15 minutes of fame. I was recently interviewed by REALTOR Magazine about my book & philosophies and I'm told that I'll be featured in next month's edition. I'll believe it when I see it, but if you want to check out a sneak preview - click here.
So, my friends, here we are in 2009. I, like many of you, was glad to see 2008 behind me, although I'm sure I'll be grateful for all the lessons learned and relationships forged during that challenging year. I'm expecting big things for this NEW year! How 'bout you?
All my best to you and yours,
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