From the Desk of Jennifer Allan

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July 2008
Dear Friends,
Being the Christmas/Holiday season, I've been, well, sending out Christmas/Holiday cards! You probably have too. It's harder than it looks, or maybe I'm just an idiot. Either way, I have found at least a dozen ways to mess up something that should be pretty darn simple.
Last weekend, I spent several hours in front of the Bronco's game addressing and stamping Christmas/Holiday card envelopes, in preparation for the arrival of my handy-dandy Referral Directory magnets. Magnets arrive... and guess what? They're oh, about a smidge of an inch too long for the envelopes I just addressed & stamped. Well, darn.
Not to be deterred, I went out and bought another stash of larger cards and re-addressed and re-stamped 'em all. Good for me.
Thinking I really didn't want to lick all those envelopes, I bought these cute little holiday-themed envelope-sealers. $2.47 for 45 of 'em at Wal-Mart! How clever!
So, I sealed all the envelopes and got them into the mail way in time for Christmas/Holiday delivery. I'm so proud.
Well, yesterday, I started getting back empty envelopes in my mail box. Apparently, the enclosed magnets were too heavy for the cute little holiday-themed envelope sealers and broke thru the seal, thus emptying the envelope.
What's the punch line here? If you live in Denver and you didn't get a Referral Directory magnet from me, that means one of two things... 1) I don't have your mailing address or 2) your empty envelope is on its way back to me as we speak. Or of course, 3) it hasn't made it to your household yet; I just mailed them earlier this week.
So, if you didn't get a Referral Directory magnet and you want one, just reply back and let me know (including your mailing address just in case).
Oh, and in case you haven't heard (way off topic here) mortgage interest rates are incredibly low right now. Even if you aren't considering buying a house this week or next, this is probably good news for our local economy. In fact, there's a cheerful buzz around my office that 2009 might be a darn good year!
Have a wonderful holiday, my friends.