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July 2008
Hi Friends,
Happy Anniversary to ME! 
Twelve years ago today, I got my real estate license. Oh, I never intended to SELL real estate - as in - holding open houses, driving buyers around, negotiating inspections - no, I just figured I'd buy lots of investment property for myself, pocket the commission, and get filthy, stinking rich. These were the mid-90's, remember, where real estate investment was a pretty darn sure thing. Ahhhh, the good old days.

Well, sometime between the day I enrolled in real estate school and the day I passed the test (in the fastest time ever, I was told), I fell in love with the idea of being a Real Estate Agent. And, aside from a few burn-outs through the years, I'm still in love with this business. What I love about it has changed, to be sure - during my first year, I "loved looking at houses," but that thrill faded after awhile. As I've gained experience and expertise thru the years, I find myself enjoying solving the inevitable problems that arise during a real estate transaction. Seriously, I get a thrill out of successfully negotiating a tough inspection or helping a frustrated, desperate seller create a workable game plan for moving forward. Sure, the paychecks are nice, but I consider the true blessing to be able to do a job I love -- AND get paid to do it.
Anyway, I'm writing mostly to say HELLO, using the excuse of my 12-year anniversary to do so. I hope you've had a wonderful summer so far. Anything I can ever do to help -- don't hesitate to ask (even if it's just to help you decide which flavor of margarita to order from a roof-top deck overlooking the city - oops, did I say that out loud? Must be Friday).
Have a wonderful weekend,

p.s. you'll be happy to know I now come up before Miss September 1996 when you Google me. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just give it a try. Just DON'T click on any links for that OTHER Jennifer Allan.