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June 2008
Hello Friends!
If you know me well, you know I'm a summer girl. I have to force myself out the door when it's below 70 degrees - and I come alive as the thermometer reaches toward 100. I know a lot of you thought I was nuts when I moved from dry, temperate, bug-free Denver to hot, humid, home-of-the-mosquito Alabama, but I tell ya, it was bliss for me (you just stay inside during the hours of 4:00 and 6:00pm when the mosquitoes come out to feed).
But anyway, here I am back in my beloved Denver and it's SUMMER! Yay!!! It's time to play!

Patio Dining
- I love to sit outside on a shaded deck or patio, sipping a margarita. You, too? Here are a couple of links to some "Best of" outdoor dining spots in Denver.

My all-time favorite is Highlands Garden Café - but only when I have a bunch of dollars burning a hole in my pocket.

Dog-Parking  - Since most of you last saw me, I have three new dogs in my household. We moved from a country home on four acres to a city home on, uh, 4,670 sqft, so going to the dog park helps my country dogs burn off some excess energy.

My favorite is the one at Berkeley Park (roughly I-70 & Sheridan), mainly because it's just up the street from me. But there are others! Click here for a list. If you ever want a dog-parking partner, just let me know! I'd love to hook our furry friends up.

Rollerblading - When I lived in Alabama, I SO missed the bike paths in Denver. I didn't realize that other cities aren't criss-crossed with roller-bladable trails and paths the way Denver is. My preferred spot is Sloan's Lake, but I can be easily convinced to drive over to Confluence Park to pick up the trail there and cruise thru the city.

I'd love to see you this summer if time permits in between all the fun we'll be having playing in the sunshine! Have a great one!
All My Best,