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September 2012

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Last month's survey question:          

The RSPBA has announced that it will offer live streaming of The Worlds again this year. Will you watch the live stream?

Yes, I will watch the live stream 80.3%
No, I will be in Glasgow watching it live 3.0%
No, I will not watch the Worlds 15.1%


This month's survey question:       

Complete this sentence: I wear my kilt _________.

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Congratulations to Field Marshal Montgomery on winning the Worlds 2012! Scottish Power took second place and Simon Fraser University took third.   Check out Simon Fraser University's latest CD Live from New York City 


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Scottish Humor


 As a Christmas present one year, the Laird gave his gamekeeper, MacPhail, a deerstalker hat with ear-flaps. MacPhail was most appreciative and always wore it with the flaps tied under his chin to keep his ears warm in the winter winds. One cold, windy day the Laird noticed he was not wearing the hat.  
" Where's the hat?" asked the Laird.  
" I've given up wearing it since the accident," replied MacPhail.  
" Accident? I didn't know you'd had an accident."  
" Yes. A man offered me a nip of whisky and I had the earflaps down and never heard him." 


 Featured Article


  Playing Pipes in Cold Weather


As Fall approaches, so does colder weather. What do you need to know about piping in cold weather? 


When you blow warm air into a set of wooden pipes in the cold, the difference in temperature can lead to cracking. Poly pipes could be a better option. Since not everyone has access to a set of poly pipes, there are other things you can do.

It's a good idea to make sure your pipes are oiled and properly hemped with waxed hemp to resist moisture.

The warm moist air from your breath condenses and builds up in the drones. This can lead to them shutting off. The use of synthetic drone reeds and a moisture control system can help to minimize this issue.  

The chanter reed will become very stiff in cold weather. The pitch will also be lowered. It is a good idea to get outside into the cold before the gig to make any adjustments you have to with the reed and the chanter. You can warm your reed before playing, but make sure it stays warm. Keep the chanter stock warm so that the reed won't freeze up once it's damp.

Keep your pipes at a constant temperature as much as possible. Stay outside in the cold through the gig, but keep blowing air through them to keep them warm. Hopping into a warm car or building in between may seem like a good idea, but the extreme temperature change will throw your pipes off.

Your body will also feel the affects of the cold. Piping in the cold can exhaust you. You will lose heat faster because of the exercise and air exchange. Dress as warm as you can and it doesn't hurt to have hand warmers available. Depending on the extremity of the cold, dehydration, frostbite, chapped lips, and burst eardrums can result, as well as the onset of head and chest colds following the gig.

Make sure that whoever you are doing the gig for is aware that you will likely only be able to perform for a short time and that the pipes may not sound their best due to the cold. Also, decide in advance how cold is too cold.  If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for the pipes.

Once you are finished, completely take the pipes apart. The hemp will need to dry out to prevent splitting and cracking. 


Video Clip     

Field Marshal Montgomery    

In case you missed it, here's a look at Field Marshal Montgomery performing their medley at the Worlds 2012.


Recent Reviews


Bagpipe Backpack Case  Backpack Case

"Good value for the price. I use this with a large bag and Ross Canister system with no trouble at all. It would be nice to have a little more room for music and such, but everything I need fits in nicely if it is carefully packed, and is easy to carry.

I have poly pipes, so I'm not sure I would recommend this case if you have blackwood or other more valuable and delicate pipes as it doesn't afford a great deal of protection for them.

Overall I am quite pleased with this case"



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