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July 2012

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Last month's survey question:         
Drone Reeds

Which combination of drone reeds do you use most often?
All Synthetic 92.4%  
Cane Bass, Synthetic Tenors 4.7%
All Cane 3.7%
Synthetic Bass, Cane Tenors <1%


This month's survey question:       

Did you/Will you attend a pipe/drum school this year? 


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Congratulations to all of the winners at the Summerside Highland Gathering and Red Deer Highland Games who took home prizes sponsored by Kinnaird Bagpipes!
If you have some photos from any of the Highland Games you've attended, send them to us, or post them on our Facebook Page.


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Caldwell Chanter Reeds

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Warnock Reeds by David Chesney

Keltic Reeds by Steve Warnock  


Product Reviews

In our recent survey, 75% of respondents said that customer reviews effect their purchase decisions. Let your fellow pipers and drummers know what products worked for you and which ones didn't!

As a thank you, we will offer you a 2% discount for every review that you provide until July 31st. Review 10 items to get 20% off your next order. (Maximum 20% can be used at a time and does not apply to bagpipes.) Once we receive the reviews, we will send you a coupon code to enter on your next online order. Please note that the coupons will expire August 13th.  


Upcoming Events  

Scottish Humor



Bagpipes and the Loch Ness Monster have two things in common - they attract tourists and terrify little children.


Video Clip     


Here's a clip from Tiny Toon Adventures
where Plucky seeks revenge on Hamton for stopping his bagpipe practice.

My Brilliant Revenge

 Featured Article

Pipes on TV


Ross plays the Bagpipes 

The bagpipes have made several silver screen appearances.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Friends(Pictured above) In "the one with Joey's New Brain", Ross decides to learn to play the bagpipes for Monica & Chandler's wedding. His rendition of "Celebration", with Phoebe's accompaniment, is a hilarious moment.    

Family Ties
In "The Visit", The Keatons have a houseguest who plays the bagpipes in the middle of the night and Alex runs into his parents' bedroom shouting "what the hell is that?"

How I met Your Mother-In an episode titled "Bagpipes", the older Ted is telling a story to his kids and uses "playing the bagpipes" as a euphemism when describing his neighbours activities.

Duck Tales- In "Bubbeo & Juliet", Scrooge is feuding with the neighbours. One night, the neighbours have a wild party, and the McDuck household can't sleep. "Now for a little Scottish Warrfarre!" says Uncle Scrooge, and marches out playing Scotland the Brave to annoy the neighbour. 


Scooby Doo- In an episode in Scotland, Scrappy, Shaggy and Scooby ride bikes and spot a piper up the road playing Scotland the Brave. Scooby clumsily crashes into the piper and ends up replacing his pipes. The piper, unfazed, keeps on marching while Scooby attempts to make pipe noises.  There is another episode in which Scooby plays the pipes to attract a Loch Ness Monster which turns out to be a submarine.

My Bunny Lies Over the Sea-In a Bugs Bunny cartoon, MacRory, a kilted Scot, comes in playing Scotland the Brave on the pipes. Perceiving an old woman being attacked by an octopus, Bugs cries "I'll help ya granny," and tries to rescue her. Later they have a golf duel. After Bugs has prevailed at golf, MacRory claims he's still the better piper. He pulls out a new set of pipes and plays a fast tune. Then Bugs comes in, blowing a bag attached to a whole band of instruments!

The Simpsons- Bagpipes appear in many episodes. In one episode parodying Nightmare on Elm Street, Groundskeeper Willie is seen playing a set of bagpipes. Willie is soon killed and vows revenge on the children in their dreams. In Bart's dream, Willie appears as a spider-like set of bagpipes. In another episode, Willie hosts a Scotchtoberfest where he plays the pipes. In the episode where Homer & Mr Burns travel to Scotland to capture the LochNess Monster, the closing theme is played with the bagpipes. In "Burns & The Bees", Willie plays "Amazing Grace" on the pipes for the dying bees.

Let us know your favorite Bagpipes on TV moment! 


Recent Reviews



Ross Canister Bag    Ross Canister Bag  

"In my continuing quest for the most trouble free pipe setup I have found the Ross Canister System fits the bill. It's a beautiful thing. Low maintenance and reasonably durable. The bag has a really great feel to it and plays the way I think a pipe bag should. Plus it's red. Good stuff!"


"If you need the ultimate in moisture control this is the bag to have! I've used the Ross system for many years and it does exactly what you want it to do. It stops moisture! Period. It has adjustable chanter moisture control so you can get some moisture to your chanter reed, but just enough, not too much. The only downside to this system is the bulkiness of the canister inside the bag. You will need a big pipe case to fit it all in without smashing it up too badly. Amazingly effective product! A+"



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