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April 2012

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Last month's survey question:     
Which type of mount do you prefer the look of on Bagpipes?   

Blackwood 10%
Ivory/ Imitation Ivory 48%
Horn/ Imitation Horn 4%
Mopane 6% 

Metal (Silver, Nickle, Etc.) 19%
Other 12% (majority of "other" answers was Holly) 



This month's survey question:   

What persuades you to purchase one brand of pipes over another?  

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It's that time of year again for our Annual Customer Survey. Tell us what you think on a variety of topics. These surveys have been very helpful and we appreciate you taking the time to complete them. Each completed survey received before May 15th will be entered to win a $100 gift certificate. 

Now In Stock-Jim McGillivray's Piobaireachd Fingerwork

Kinnaird Bagpipes is offering Sponsorship of Piping and Drumming Events at Canadian Highland Games. There are only a few sponsorships left. Application forms can be found on our events page     

Upcoming Events  


May 13 Mother's Day

May 18-20 Victoria Highland Games

May 19 Comox Valley Highland Games 


 May 19 Moose Jaw Highland Games

May 20 Regina Highland Games

May 21 Victoria Day- Kinnaird Bagpipes will be closed

May 24-27 Gathering of the Scots Festival

May 26 Kingston Celtfest

May 26 Riverwalk Highland Gathering 



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Scottish Humor


When Jock  moved to London he constantly annoyed his English acquaintances by boasting about how great Scotland was. Finally, in exasperation, one said, "Well, if Scotland's so marvelous, how come you didn't stay there?"

"Well," explained  Jock "they're all so clever up there I had to come down here to have any chance of making it at all!"

 Featured Article

 McCallum AB8 Pipes

Maintenance Tips
- Joints/Slides

It is critical that the joints between the sections are airtight. The bottom joints
between the stocks and drones should be hemped with waxed hemp. These
joints are the wettest part of the instrument, and the wax on the hemp
prevents it from expanding and contracting with changes in moisture.

When hemping, take your time and ensure that you use tight, even wraps so that the joint is hemped evenly over its length. These joints should be tight enough that they do not turn when you turn the drone tops for tuning. If these joints are hemped too tightly, or with unwaxed hemp, you will crack the tops of the stocks under the ferrules.

The tuning slides should also be hemped with waxed hemp to prevent
expansion with changes in moisture. The slides should be hemped only tight
enough to ensure that the drone tops will not slip under their own weight. If
you like, you can wrap a little unwaxed hemp or Teflon tape for the final wrap
to make the drones slide easier, but it is not necessary. You should be able
to turn the drone with your thumb and two fingers. The bottom joint between
the stock and drone sections should not move when you turn the top drone
sections on the tuning slides.

If you find that the drone top sections are loose and tight as you move them
up and down the tuning slides, the tuning chambers are worn and uneven and need to be trued up. Have a competent bagpipe maker/repairer do this for you.  


Video Clip  


In this Looney Tunes clip, Daffy Duck tries to tame the wild Tasmanian Devil with various musical instruments, including the bagpipes. 



Recent Reviews



McCallum Poly Band Chanter

 -In a recent Piper & Drummer survey, it was discovered that 50% of Grade One bands were playing McCallum Pipe Chanters in the 2011 season. McCallum Poly Chanter

"This chanter tunes very well with many different reeds. It has a lot of volume which probably makes it a good band chanter. The oval holes are harder to cover and so it takes some getting used to. Better than 1990's Shepherd and 1990's Dunbar band chanters I have used in the past. About the same as some Maple Sinclair band chanters I used to play, probably a bit louder though. Highly recommended as a band chanter."

"This is one of the best chanters that I have ever played. It tunes well with almost all makes of reeds and sounds bright and loud with even the easiest reed you can buy. With this chanter, you don't need 2 by 4s tied together with barbed wire to get a loud, bright, commanding sound. This is the best chanter for any band, even at the top level."    


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