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October 6, 2011

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This month's survey question:

How many members of your family pipe or drum? 


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Upcoming Events  


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Oct 7-15 Celtic Colours International Festival 

Oct 10 Thanksgiving- Kinnaird Bagpipes will be closed.

Nov 11 Remembrance Day- Kinnaird Bagpipes will be closed.


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Scottish Humor


Two Scots golfers were just about to putt on the 16th green, adjacent to a road, when suddenly a funeral procession passes by. One of the golfers interrupted his putting and took off his hat as the procession went by. His partner said "That was really gentlemanly of you - paying respects like that". To which he replied "It was the least I could do. She was my wife for 25 years..."



 Featured Article


Last month, we asked "What is the best piping/ drumming advice you've ever received?"  Here are some of your answers:

-Sing your tunes in your head - while you are walking, standing in line, etc.

-"Hold the dots" and when you get to a dotted note, hold it one tenth longer than you think it should be held.

-Work on several tunes at the same time.

-Spend time in practice on fundamentals and practice to make the worst part your best part.

-Everybody was at where you are at some point or another.

-Slow it down, and repeat that part until you get it right. Then, put it back into the context of the entire tune and slowly bring it back up to speed.

-Don't rush in to playing a piece too fast while you are learning it. Play slowly and keep your speed below the level at which you start making mistakes.

-Don't take criticism the hard way, but instead use it to make yourself better.

-You should have left them in the box!

-Steady blowing, don't give up, play from the heart not the mind.

-Relax and enjoy the music..use Rhythmic Fingerwork and keep nailing the basics

-Don't practice mistakes.

-Don't drink coffee or booze "on the day" until you're done your tunes.

-Everytime you play music try to do better than last time, but always play to enjoy the music.

-Repeat a sequence ten times only, then take a break before doing it again.

-It's not a kidney- don't blow the piss outta it!

-Pipe bands are full of people with large personalities.

-As a Tenor drummer, not to play too loudly.

-"Piping, it's fun - that's all that it is about."

-Press the bag harder - one of the major errors committed by beginners.

-Practice all movements slowly and methodically with a metronome, and lift your fingers as high off the chanter as you can while you do so.

-Be confident and ignore everything and everyone around you. Play as if you are by yourself and remember to play the tune from your heart.

-Maintain your instrument carefully: Swab out the joints after every heavy playing, keep the bag and joints airtight, and keep your reeds clean and safe.

-To the make of a piper goes 7 years.

-Practice with a metronome.....or Alan Walters...a metro gnome.

-Slow down and play it right - works for both pipers and drummers

-"Practice makes permanent. Perfect practice, makes a tune permanently perfect."



Video Clip




Here's another clip from Just for Laughs Gags. In this one, the piper decides the best place to play is beside the public phones.



Recent Reviews

    Moose Valve

 Moose Valve


 -"This IS the best valve on the market! Extremely well made and will probably last twice as long as your pipes. It also acts as a very effective water trap. The moisture will condense on the sides of the blowpipe stock wall and will run down and get trapped inside the lip of the Moose valve. You can then simply remove your blowpipe and tip your stock upsidedown and out comes the water. Very very effective! I highly recommend this product! AAA++++"

-"The Moose valve is awesome. It works like a charm. Easy to insert and remove without taking your blowpipe stock out of the bag. Works as both water trap (only if you want it to) and flapper valve. The case it comes in helps you practice inserting it so you know you are doing it right."

-"I've used a Little Mac for over 20 years, but wanted to try this for its large bore and water-trap abilities. It works as described, was very easy to install, and is a change for the better. I do watch out for damage to the blowpipe stock (splitting wood) from moisture accumulation inside the stock due to the water trap and internal pressure from installation, but the Moose has served me well thus far."



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