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June 2011

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Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds

Last month's survey Question:

Which Drone Reeds are you currently using?

Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds 36.6%
Canning 17%

Ezeedrone Reeds 13%
Omega Drone Reeds 7.6%
Rocket Drone Reeds 7.6%
Selbie Drone Reeds 5.9%

Crozier Drone Reeds 2.9%
MG Synthetic Drone Reeds 2.9%
Shepherd Drone Reeds 1.1%

Other (Including Balance Tone, Colin Kyo, Syntedrone, Wygent) 5.4%


This month's survey question: 

Do you think you could tell the difference between a set of African Blackwood pipes and Poly pipes by the same manufacturer just by sound?


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Upcoming Events  


Please note that Kinnaird Bagpipes will not be vending at any events this year.    


June 17-19 Moncton Highland Games - Moncton, NB   


June 17-19 BC Legion Highland Gathering - Ladysmith, BC

June 18 Manitoba Highland Gathering - Selkirk, MB   


June 18 Georgina Highland Gathering - Jackson's Point, ON


June 19 Father's Day 

June 24-26 Summerside Highland Gathering & Celtic Festival - Summerside, PEI

June 25 Red Deer Highland Games - Red Deer, AB

June 25 Cobourg Highland Games - Cobourg, ON   


June 25 BC Scottish Highland Games - Coquitlam, BC  


June 25-26 Canadian International Military Tattoo -Hamilton, ON


June 26 Ellerslie Highland Games - Edmonton, AB    


June 30-July 3

Fort Erie Friendship Festival and Celtic Gathering - Fort Erie, ON


July 1 Canada Day- Kinnaird Bagpipes will be closed. 


July 1 Embro Highland Games - Embro, ON

July 1 Pugwash Gathering of the Clans - Pugwash, NS 


July 1-3 Kincardine Scottish Festival & Highland Games - Kincardine, ON


July 1-8 Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo- Halifax, NS


July 3-10 Antigonish Highland Games - Antigonish, NS


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If you know of an upcoming Celtic Event or Highland Games, please let us know and we will add it to our Website Events and our upcoming newsletters. 




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This clip is a comedy prank about

"What's under the kilt."



 Featured Article


Highland Games

Highland Games 

The Highland Games have become a symbol of Scottish heritage but the origins of the events are not clear. Some say they began in Ireland in 2000 BC and crossed into Scotland with 4th and 5th century migrations.  Many believe they began when King Malcolm III organized a foot race up a hill in Braemar during the 11th century to find the fastest runners who he could make his royal messengers. 


Clans staged "wappinschaws" which were events to test strength, stamina, accuracy and agility in warriors.   In 1574, there was a record of "tossing of ye barr" or caber tossing.  There were also "tainchels" or "great hunts" where several clans would combine together for a great feast and celebration with competitions of running, jumping, wrestling, and stone putting.  There would be piping and dancing as well.


After the defeat at Culloden in 1746, the Act of Proscription banned the bagpipes,  Highland dress, clan gatherings, and carrying of arms under penalty of death.  This brought an end to a good part of Highland culture and the Clan system.  In the late 18th century, Proscription was repealed and Highland Societies formed to revive the Highland traditions.  In 1781, a society Gathering was held in Falkirk.  Its success led to the Highland Games as we know them today.  By the 1820's, games were held throughout Scotland. 


In 1822, King George IV visited Scotland which gave a boost to the revival efforts.  The Lonach Highland & Friendly Society which was founded in 1823 created a gathering to preserve highland dress and Gaelic tongue. In the 1840's, Braemar organized Games as a fund raising effort.  When Queen Victoria and Prince Albert made Balmoral Castle their retreat, they began to patronize the games.  The Queen's first attendance was in 1848 and in 1849 they were moved to the castle grounds.  Her interest helped to popularize the Braemar Games which has become one of the largest and most prestigious. The first Games in the United States were organized in 1836 by the Highland Society of New York. The first Games in Canada took place in Antogonish, NS in 1863.

Modern Highland Games keep many of the same events.  The Heavy Events often consist of the Caber Toss, Stone Put, Hammer Throw, Weight Throw, Weight over the Bar, and Sheaf Toss Piping and Drumming competitions and Highland Dancing have become crowd favourites although they were previously just forms of entertainment at the games.  Some games also have mock battles, dog exhibitions, and other forms of Celtic art.


Today, on top of the games in Scotland, there are more than 200 annual games and gatherings across the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.



Recent Reviews
 Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

-"These thing are great. They also come in a slightly smaller size called Baby Blue for those little people out there. Good for playing indoors as it not only saves your hearing but cuts out all the reverb so it sounds more like you are playing outside. Will make you a better piper because you hear all the little details as opposed to being bombarded by lots of sound."

-"I switched to these from the much higher tech 'ball o' cotton' last year. It is remarkable how they reduce the volume without making the sound overly muddy. I had been considering custom made plugs at my doctors recommendation, but they are great at a fraction of the price."




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