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May 2011

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Last month's survey Question:KB Deluxe Case

What do you look for in a good pipe case?

Interior Padding 85.1%

Internal pockets 50.6%

External pockets 39.5%

Hard exterior 35.8%

Soft exterior 37%

Backpack straps 33.3%

Shoulder strap 43.2%
Wheels 14.8%
Other (including airplane carry on size, internal space, waterproof, lightweight) 28.3%

This month's survey question: 

Which Drone Reeds are you currently using?


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Upcoming Events
is holding an online piping competition. Video submissions deadline is May 30. 


Please note that Kinnaird Bagpipes will not be vending at any events this year. 

May 21

Comox Valley Highland Games


May 21

Moose Jaw Highland Games


May 22

Regina Highland Games


May 21-22

Greater Sudbury Celtfest & Highland Games

May 21-22 Victoria Highland Games

May 26-29 Gathering of the Scots Festival in Perth-Andover, NB



May 28

Riverwalk Highland Gathering



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If you know of an upcoming Celtic Event or Highland Games, please let us know and we will add it to our Website Events and our upcoming newsletters. 




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Thanks to everyone who participated in our Facebook Contest. The winner of the $100 Gift Certificate is Scott Stanton.


Thank you also to everyone who completed our Annual Survey. We are working our way through the feedback. The winner of the survey $100 Gift Certificate is Ray Spengler.


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 Featured Article

 Pipe Bags- Hide Vs. Synthetic

 Bannatyne Hide Bag


There are different types of pipe bags on the market from hide to synthetic and a combination hide/synthetic. How do you know which bag you should get? 


Hide pipe bags  

Hide bags are traditional for the Great Highland Bagpipes.  They are usually made of sheepskin, cow or elk.  You can typically get 1-2 years of use out of a sheepskin bag and 3-4 years out of a cow skin bag. All hide bags will require some maintenance.  Seasoning will help to keep a hide bag in optimal playing condition.  Sheepskin is very good for absorbing moisture, however to keep it airtight, it requires more regular maintenance. Sheepskin will also stretch out overtime.  Hide bags are a heavier weight which can balance out the drones.  They also have a specific feel to them.  Some hide bags are now available with zippers to allow airing out after use.  This helps to decrease the bacterial build up that can occur from the moisture.  Some also come with rubber grommets so that you don't have to tie in the stocks.

Synthetic pipe bags

Synthetic bags are often made out of a Gortex material.  The synthetic bag will require virtually no maintenance. Most will come with a zipper so you can air out the bag after use.  It is lightweight material, which can be beneficial for younger and petite players.  Some pipers prefer the feel of a real hide bag over a synthetic pipe bag. Synthetic bags are typically cheaper in price than hide bags and can last longer.




Hide/Synthetic pipe bags
One of the newest designs is a Hide/Synthetic hybrid bag which combines a hide exterior with a synthetic interior.This way, you get the feel and weight of a hide bag without the need for maintenance.  Most have a zipper and grommets for easy installation and airing out.




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Recent ReviewsL&M Scotian With Zipper

L&M Scotian with Zipper- "I tied in a new large L&M Scotian a year ago.  I used L&M hide bags for just under 30 years and like their feel so waited until L&M had a bag that was lined and had the hide feel before switching to a zipper bag.

Not liking the looks of clamps and not being too sure how grommets would fit my old David Glens, I elected the tie bag. The bag came with stock holes pre-punched. After tie-in, everything aligned properly.


So far so good.  The bag is tight; it feels right and getting to all that high tech stuff we now put inside is easy.


The only small irritant is that sometimes, the zipper teeth don't fully engage.  Opening and reclosing has so far led to proper tooth meshing.  I may have to try some TiZip." 





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