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March 2011
McCallum Chanters

Last month's survey question:
What do you use for a solo chanter?
McCallum 31.25%
Naill 26.25%
Kron 11.25%
Shepherd 5%
Strathmore 3.75%
Colin Kyo 3.75%
MacLellan 3.75%
Sinclair 3.75%
Dunbar 2.5%
Gibson 2.5%
Walsh- 2.5%
Kintail 1.25%
Hardie 1.25%
Henderson 1.25%

What do you use for a band chanter?
McCallum 53.33%
Shepherd 10%
Warmac 8.33%
Kron 6.67%
Naill 5%
Walsh 3.33%
Gibson 1.67%
Chesney 1.67%
MacLellan 1.67%
MacHarg 1.67%
Colin Kyo 1.67%

This month's survey question:
Which Tuner/Metronome do you prefer?

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Upcoming Events

March 16 Celticfest Vancouver

March 17 Saint Patrick's Day

April 1-3 SFU performs at the Highland Arts Festival and Concert in Winnipeg. More details

April 15-16 Las Vegas International Tattoo

April 30 Brandon Highland Festival

Information is now posted for the 2011 Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School.
School Brochures and applications can be found here.

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Current Reviews
Rhythmic Fingerwork

Rhythmic Fingerwork

- "This book is essential to the serious piper. The CD is an excellent accompaniment. Improves your fundamentals! "

-"This is THE tool to help you to break a plateau. The exercises are well thought out and easy to learn. With Jim's CD to guide you, this will help to take you to the next level."


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