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Feb 1, 2011

Last month's survey question:
If you could be instructed by any piper/drummer currently performing, who would it be?

Ty Fry, Dave Monette, Matt Seattle, Jimmy Stack, Lars Sloan, Jack Lee, Angus MacColl, Brian Donaldson, John Cairns, Brian Morrison, Jori Chisholm, Bob Worrall, Stuart Robertson, Neil Anderson, David McDougall, Fred Morrison, Erick Rigler, Stuart Liddell, Roddy MacLeod, Richmond Johnstone, William McCallum, Robert Mathieson, Terry Tully, John Mulhern, James Baumont, Gordon Walker, Jamie Cuthill, Alasdair Gillies, Bryan Yates, Jim Lundt, Rob and Sandy Campbell, Andrew Hayes, Scruffy Wallace, Bruce Gandy

This month's survey question:
What do you use for a solo chanter? What do you use for a band chanter?

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Upcoming Events

Information is now posted for the 2011 Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School.
School Brochures and applications can be found here.

Feb 3- Celtic fiddler, stepdancer, singer Lizzy Hoyt is joined by Tami Cooper (flute) and Andreas Illig (guitar) at Shadow House Concerts, Wadena. More details

Feb 9 & 13 "On The Day- The Story of the Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band" will premier in theatres across Canada. Click here to find viewings in your area. You can also purchase the DVD.

Feb 14 Valentine's Day

Feb 19 Winnipeg Scottish Festival

March 16 Celticfest Vancouver

April 1-3 SFU performs at the Highland Arts Festival and Concert in Winnipeg. More details

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Featured Article
Selecting A Practice Chanter
Practice Chanters

Practice chanters are invaluable for every piper. When just starting out, they are used to learn proper fingering and basic tunes. After moving on to pipes, they are used to learn new tunes as well as for practicing when a full set of pipes is impractical. When selecting a practice chanter, there are many things to consider: Size, Material, Make, and Cost.

Size- This will depend on the age of the student. Children with small hands will not be able to reach the required finger spacing on a full sized practice chanter, but can still learn basic fingering on a shorter chanter with spacing closer together. A regular length practice chanter is most commonly used for youth pipers or pipers with smaller hands. Hole spacing is slightly different than that of a pipe chanter. The long practice chanter has the same finger spacing as a pipe chanter, so the transition between the two is much easier. This is recommended for most adults.

Material- Wooden practice chanters offer a high quality sound, but may be prone to cracking due to moisture. Practice chanters with a plastic mouthpiece and wooden chanter body will reduce this issue. Plastic practice chanters are very durable and offer good tone. You do not have to worry about cracking.

Make- Each manufacturer is different. Some offer counter-sunk holes to make it easier to feel where the holes are. They also feel larger which is similar to the bagpipe chanter. Some chanters are quieter than others, and some offer water traps.

Cost- This is dependant on the material of the practice chanter as well as any ornamentation. Imitation Ivory and Nickle engraved soles and ferrules will add to your cost. Plastic practice chanters start around $60 and go up to around $129 depending on ornamentation. A wood/plastic combination is around $225. For an all wood practice chanter, you are looking at over $300.

Practice Chanters
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Current Reviews
Korg TM40 Digital Tuner Metronome
"This unit is great for making absolutely sure that you are on the beat. This is good for new tunes so you can learn the tune's expression. The handy little tuner is great for quickly tuning and it is very accurate. A valuable tool at a great price."

Piper Brogues
"Good quality shoes that hold up to wear and tear well. The only downside is that the metal heel tack tends to make the shoes heavy."


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