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January 2011

Last Month's Survey Question:

Which Events do you perform at Most Often?

Weddings 20.2%
Funerals 28.3%
Parades 45.9%
Competitions 25.6%
Multicultural Events 13.5%
Other (including schools, Legions, Masonic events, golf tournaments, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, Robbie Burns nights, Remembrance Day, Retirement Homes, Graduations, and more) 18.9%
None of the Above 1.3%

This Month's Survey Question:

If you could be instructed by any Piper/Drummer currently performing, who would it be?

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Featured Products

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Recent Reviews
Bannatyne Hide Synthetic Bag:
"This is a great pipe bag. I like the feel of a hide bag, it is more substantial and balances the pipes on my shoulder better that a regular synthetic bag. It is airtight, drone stocks are easily installed, and the zipper gives access do whatever you want inside the bag, like drying it out or installing a moisture control system."

Gannaway Hide Pipe Bag:
"This is a great bag if you are a bit of a wet blower like I am. It handles the moisture well and has a great feel to it as well. The only thing I would do differently is not have the precut holes. While they are handy, there is little room for customizing the fit."


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