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November 2010
Walsh pc reed

Last Week's Survey Question:

Which practice chanter reed do you prefer?

Walsh 48.3%
Apps 6.6%
Gibson 13.3%
Warmac 5%
Q Reed 1.6%
Other (including Glen, Tuck, MacPherson, Abbott, Williams, McCallum) 26.6%

This Month's Survey Question:

Which events do you perform at most often?

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Rider Kilt

National Tartan Day

The Government of Canada has announced that it will officially recognize Tartan Day on April 6th. Tartan Day recognizes all contributions made by Scots and Canadians with Scottish heritage. There are approximately 4.7 million Canadians who claim Scottish descent.

Tartan Day originated in 1986 in Nova Scotia after a discussion about heroes turned into the need for a day to promote Scottish Heritage and honour our forebearers. The Federation of Scottish Clans petitioned provincial legislatures to recognize April 6 as Tartan Day. It spread from province to province.

The day also coincides with the anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, the Scottish Declaration of Independence, in 1320.

The US has recognized April 6th as Tartan Day since 1998. There is an estimated 6 million people who claim Scottish descent there. New York City holds one of the largest Tartan Day celebrations. In 2002, they held the Tunes of Glory Parade with Sir Sean Connery and Mayor Michael Bloombery leading thousands of pipers and drummers through the city. In 2005, they flew in William Wallace's sword for the celebrations. It hadn't left Scotland in 700 years.

Australia recognizes International Tartan Day on July 1st, the anniversary of the Repeal Proclamation of 1782 which annulled the Act of Proscription of 1747 that banned the wearing of tartan. Approximately 3 million Australians claim to be of Scottish descent. The Scottish Australian Heritage Council has petitioned Canberra for federal recognition of International Tartan Day.

Argentina claims around 100,000 people of Scottish descent. They began celebrating Tartan Day on April 6th in 2006.

Scotland's Angus Council established the first Tartan Day festival in 2004. They have joined with other councils in hopes to develop a global celebration.

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