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September 2010

Last Week's Survey Question:

Who do you think will win Worlds this year?
Simon Fraser University 45%
Field Marshall Montgomery 19.6%
St Laurence O'Toole 11.7%
House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead 9.8%
Peel Regional Police 9.8%
Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia 1.9%
78th Highlanders 1.9%

This Month's Survey Question:

Drummers- Which snare sticks do you prefer?

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Upcoming Events
St Laurence OToole Pipe Band

Congratulations to the St Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band on winning the World Pipe Band Championships 2010.
Second place went to Field Marshall Montgomery, third place was Boghall and Bathgate, followed by Simon Fraser University in fourth.

Sept 4 Calgary Highland Games (now located in Springbank at "Park for all Seasons")

Sept 5 Canmore Highland Games

Sept 6 Labour Day- We will be Closed

Sept 7 96th Highlanders Registration Night

Sept 10-17 Quebec City Highland Festival

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Scots Guards

Scots Guards

The most popular piping music book. A must for every piper!! Full of traditional sheet music.

Volume 1- 290 pages
Volume 2- 210 pages

Includes marches, strathspeys, hornpipes, reels and jigs, representing every piping idiom from easy to advanced. Volume 2 includes several options for tunes used for highland dancing.

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Wallace Classic 4 Pipes

How to Care for New Pipes

If you've purchased a set of new pipes, here are a few important practices to help keep them in the best condition possible:

-Oil the Wood - Both the inside and the outside of your new bagpipes need to be oiled to prevent cracking. Using a specially designed Bore Oil is the best method of treating your bagpipes. On the outside of your bagpipes use a small cloth and apply a thin coating of Bore Oil and allow it to stand a short while before wiping off any excess. On the inside of the stocks and drones apply a very light coating of Bore Oil using a pull-thru swab or cleaning rod.

-Polish the mounts- If you have chosen a set of bagpipes with nickel or silver mounts remember to polish it. Polish silver and nickel trim with a high quality metal polish. Always read the label to ensure the product you are using is safe for the material on your bagpipes.

-Break-in period- Naturally you're anxious to start putting in long practice sessions on your new bagpipes but remember; until now the wood in your pipes has been dry and you are about to introduce moisture. It is advisable to allow a playing-in period over the first couple of months. Start with brief 10-15 minutes practice sessions and build up to longer periods as the weeks go by. This will give the wood a chance to take on the moisture at a manageable rate.

-Dry your Bagpipes!- After every playing session take the few minutes necessary to dry your bagpipes properly! It only takes a moment to brush the stocks with a soft drone brush and unzip your pipe bag if you're using a synthetic bag. Leave the blowpipe out to air out the stock whenever possible. These simple steps might be the most critical in maintaining healthy bagpipes.

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