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August 2010

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Upcoming Events
World Pipe Band Championships 2010

Aug 7-8 Pipefest 2010

Aug 14 World Pipe Band Championships Glasgow

Aug 18 Celtic Women at Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon

Aug 19-21 Saskatoon Folkfest. Come see us in the Scottish Pavilion and participate in the Best Legs in Kilt Contest!

Aug 20-22 Northern Lights Bluegrass & Old Tyme Music Festival

Aug 28 Foothills Highland Games (formerly High River Highland Games)

Sept 4 Calgary Highland Games (now located in Springbank at "Park for all Seasons")

Sept 5 Canmore Highland Games

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Featured Product
Deger II Electronic Chanter
Deger II Electronic Chanter

Same size and finger spacing as a long practice chanter. Perfectly tuned chanter scale and drones. Adjustable pitch in a range of more than 3 octaves, allowing you to play with other instruments in any key. The drone volume is variable and can also be turned off. Switch between the sound of Highland Pipes or Smallpipes. The chanter has phono and MIDI output. Better sensors, Better sound quality.

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Some pipe makers are offering both African Blackwood and Polypenco pipes. What are the pro's and con's of each?

Poly pipes are easy to maintain as you wouldn't have to worry about oiling them as you would with a set of Blackwood pipes. They are considerably lower in cost as you can get a basic set for around $700 compared to a basic set of Blackwood for $1400. They will not crack from moisture and are great for performances in tough weather conditions. They are very durable and can take a bit more bumping. There are many different mount options available. Some makers (like McCallum) offer a 10 year warranty. However, these pipes will not absorb moisture like a Blackwood set would so you may get a build up if you are a wet blower. They are also not as traditional looking.

Blackwood pipes will produce a richer tone, however many new pipers won't hear the difference. They have a more traditional look and feel to them. There are many different mount and ornamentation options. Most sets offer a 2 year warranty. Because they are a natural material, they require maintenance of oiling and drying. Changes in moisture can result in cracks in the wood. Temperature and moisture changes can cause the wood to swell and shrink.

It is important to remember that it is the set up of the reeds and the player, not the material, which influences the sound of the pipes. Many people can not tell the different between plastic and wood from the same maker until they get up close to them.

See our available poly and Blackwood pipes
Product Reviews
"Looks super cheesy at first, but I bought a few of these and talk about kicking it up a notch at a party. All fo a sudden people were channeling their inner Bravehearts, creating some very photogenic moments. I'm surprised by the number of occasions, kid's parties, celebrations, b-b-ques etc that these get dragged out. How many kilts can you throw in the washer and don't worry about food on it? You'd never know in a photo it wasn't the real thing and I've yet to see someone not want to wear one. And it's not even a bad towel. Now we just need bagpipe balloons."

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