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May 2010
McCallum AB4

Last Month's Survey Question:

What kind of pipes are you currently playing?
McCallum 17.5%
Wallace 1.5%
Kron 4.2%
Naill 10.6%
Dunbar 5.3%
Gibson 1.0%
Shepherd 5.3%
Hardie 5.3%
MacLellan 4.2%
Henderson 10.6%
Other (including Lawries, Sinclairs, MacLeod, Atherton, MacPherson, Robertson, and Grainger & Campbell) 45.2%

This Month's Survey Question:

Which Tutor Book do you Prefer?
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Here are some current reviews:

Jim McGillivray Rhythmic Fingerwork
"This is an incredible work book by one of the worlds best pipers. If you have a technical problem with certain gracenotes this is the book for you. Jim McGillivray will have just the right exercise for you! A+"

Korg CA40 Tuner
"Very good tuner at a great price. Easy to use, even for the intermediate player."

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Winnipeg Police Pipe Band

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May 22 Comox Valley Highland Games

May 22 Moose Jaw Highland Games

May 23 Regina Highland Games

May 22 & 23 Victoria Highland Games

May 24 Victoria Day- We will be closed

June 3-5 Regina Mosaic

2010 Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School
July 12-17
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This Month's Video Clip

On American Idol's John Lennon & Paul McCartney week, Lee DeWyze performed "Hey Jude" and was accompanied by bagpiper Aaron Shaw.
Hey Jude

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Wallace Classic 4 Pipes

What You Need to Know Before Buying

Before purchasing a set of pipes, there are many things to consider.

New or Used- With new pipes, you know where they came from, how they've been treated, and there is usually a guarantee. With used pipes, there may have been repairs done or it may need some restoration, and you don't know how they've been treated. If you go with used, ask lots of questions and get a second opinion from an experienced piper.

Budget- Know what you are willing to spend. Prices will vary due to maker, material, and ornamentation.

Brand- Ask around to other pipers and retailers to compare various pipes. There are manufacturers in Scotland, the US, Canada, and other parts of the world.

Material- Traditionally, pipes are made from African Blackwood, but there are pipes made of Cocobolo or Rosewood. Polypenco pipes are also available from some makers.

Ornamentation- Most makers have a range of models available, from a basic set to full engraved silver mounts, ferrules, etc. As you increase the ornamentation, you add to the price. Find what you like in your budget.

After you have all of that figured out, then you can add your bag, drone reeds, chanter reeds, etc.

See our current selection of bagpipes


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