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April 2010
Scots Guards

Last Month's Survey Question:
What is the One tune that every piper/drummer should know?

Scotland the Brave 58%
Amazing Grace 20%
Flowers of Scotland and Green Hills of Tyrol 3% each
Flowers of the Forest and Lochanside 2% each
Star Wars, Scots Wa Hea, Highland Laddie, Highland Cathedral, Rhu Vaternish, Cabar Feidh, UnChained Melody, The Minstrel Boy, Balmoral Highlanders, 100 Pipers, and God Save the Queen 1% each

This Month's Survey Question:
What kind of pipes are you currently playing?
Answer the Question

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"I love the Rouana's because they are so versatile and can be worn in so many ways. They dress up a pair of jeans and they also go well with a simple black dress."

McCallum Practice Chanter
"Very nice balanced chanter. Nice volume!"

Doug Stronach Drumming Tutor & CD
"Starts from the basics, includes video. Perfect for the beginner. Only problem is that the video isn't a universal format and so you may have trouble playing it on your computer. The file format is .avi."

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Kilted Skiiers

The above image is from BBC News. Kilted Skiiers and Snowboarders set a World Record. Read the article.

April 2- Good Friday- We will be closed.

April 10- Workshops by SFU members in Piping & Drumming More Details

April 11 Edmonton Highland Arts festival- featuring Six Time World Champions Simon Fraser University Pipe Band in Concert. More Details

May 22 Comox Valley Highland Games

May 22 Moose Jaw Highland Games

May 23 Regina Highland Games

May 22 & 23 Victoria Highland Games

May 24 Victoria Day- We will be closed

2010 Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School
July 12-17
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This Month's Video Clip

Here's a look at the Redpipes in action:

This clip shows Stuart McCallum playing the redpipes in smallpipes mode with Rory Grossart on bellows blown smallpipes.

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Featured Article
Ebay Pipes

Beware of Ebay Pipes!!

If you or someone you know are considering purchasing a new set of pipes on eBay to save money, Buyer Beware.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! There are countless stories of people purchasing pipes through auction sites only to receive an inferior product.

There are many sets of Pakistani pipes listed on eBay. These pipes are often made of rosewood or cocus wood, not African Blackwood. You may also find that a set listed as "blackwood" may actually be another type of wood that has been painted black. Pipes from Pakistan are often poor quality. They often require hundreds of dollars worth of additional products and repair to get them playable.

Sometimes, you may find that the picture shows a maker stamp. While this can be a sign that you are receiving a quality set, make sure that you inquire further. A stamp on the chanter does not mean that the whole set is from that maker. Ask for close up images of the full set to ensure that you are getting a matched set of good quality.

Even on a good quality set, be aware that parts may have been replaced or repaired over time and may not be in the original condition. Ask for this information before purchasing.

It's not just Pakistani pipes that are questionable. There are false claims from individuals misrepresenting quality pipe makers.

In short, ask your instructor or pipe maker, someone with experience to guide you through the sale. To be safe, shop with a reputable dealer.

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