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March 2010

Last Month's Survey Question:
If you could buy a brand new piece of Highland Dress without worrying about the cost, what would it be?
Kilt 45.8%
Jacket (argyll, Prince Charlie, Other) 27.1%
Sporran 14.6%
Brogues 8.3%
Hose 3.1%
Glengarry or Balmoral 6.3%
Accessories (Sgian Dubh, Kilt Pin, Cap Badge, Belt, Buckle) 9.4%
Other (including feather bonnet, inverness capes, cotton Irish sweaters, vests, dirks, signet rings)- 10.4%

This Month's Survey Question:
What is the One tune that every piper/drummer should know?
Answer the Question
(Note: Survey is only able to accept the first 100 responses.)

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Here are some current reviews:

Bannatyne Bag for Smallpipes
"I put one of these on my Walsh smallpipes when the original Ross bag became seriously porous. It is a very good bag for the smallpipes. My only criticism is that the inner side of the material is so slippery that it can be difficult to tie in the blowpipe and drone stocks. Holding them in place with electrical tape makes the tying-in much easier."

How do they get soo much great taste in such a small can !!!

This Month's Video Clip

Here's the ACDC Video for Long Way to the Top, one of the most popular rock songs that uses the Bagpipes.

Don't forget to enter our Non-Traditional Piping Tunes Contest!

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St. Patty's Day

Saint Patrick's Day Promotion
We are offering 17% off anything green from March 1st- 17th. Enter the word "Shamrock" in the coupon code at check out and we will apply the discount to your order for anything green!

March 7 Winnipeg Police Pipe Band Presents an Evening of Champions featuring PM Allisdair Gillies with Matt MacIsaac. For more info call:

March 17 Saint Patrick's Day

March 19 St Andrew Caledonian Society of Calgary Presents the 12th Annual Caledonian Indoor Piping & Drumming Competition. There will be a recital on Friday the 19th featuring Michael Grey.

April 11 Edmonton Highland Arts festival- featuring Six Time World Champions Simon Fraser University Pipe Band in Concert. More Details

2010 Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School
July 12-17
Brochure & Application Forms

We have extended our Non-Traditional Piping Tune Contest deadline to March 17th.
Email us your video with the subject line "Piping Contest". The winner will receive a set of Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds, a CD, and a gift certificate to use online.

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St Patrick

Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

March 17th is fast approaching. A day when a sea of green can be found in many pubs around the world, Guinness and Irish Cream are the drinks of choice, and thousands of people line the streets of cities around the world to watch a parade and celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland.

Discover the history of Saint Patrick and how he is celebrated around the world. From clothing and music to food and drinks, find out everything you need to know to be Authentically Irish on Saint Patrick's Day.

How to Be Authentically Irish on Saint Patrick's Day


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