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January 2010
Piping Santa

Last Month's Survey Question:
Do/Did your kids want to follow in your footsteps and become pipers/drummers?
Absolutely! Excited to Learn! - 25%
Maybe 50/50 - 12.5%
Not a Chance! - 39.1%
Other (including you followed in their footsteps, they will have to decide on their own, some do and some don't) - 25%

This Month's Survey Question:
During the Holiday Season, did you find yourself having More Time, Less Time or About the Same time to practice?
Ans wer the Question
(Note: Survey is only able to accept the first 100 responses.)

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Here are some current reviews:

"Santa came early this year and brought me a new toy! I've got the classic version. The bag gives them a feel very close to real pipes. These are a blast to play with both highland and small pipes sounds. I can now play pipes to headphones and not disturb the other members of the household who like to sleep in. For letting others hear the output, I've added a Roland Microcube amp. The amp adds all sorts of sound effects. Heavy metal pipes anyone?! "

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Robbie Burns

Don't forget to get your haggis for Robbie Burns!

Jan 23 Saskatoon Robbie Burns Night at Anavats Hall. Tickets are available for purchase at Clans on Broadway.

Jan 25 Robbie Burns Day

Feb 20 Winnipeg Scottish Festival

Information for the 2010 Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School has now been posted.
Brochure & Application Forms

This Month's Video Clip

Here's a clip of Craig Ferguson's take on Robbie Burn's Day.
Ode to a Haggis

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Featured Article
John Knox

The Scottish Reformation

This year Edinburgh celebrated Hogmanay with a theme of "reformation, renewal & resolution". It is also celebrating the 450th anniversary of The Scottish Reformation. It was the banning of Celebrating Christmas post-Reformation that led to the celebration of Hogmanay in Edinburgh at New Year.

Religion played an important part in the lives of the people in education, health, welfare, and discipline. The Reformation is referred to as one of the most important and controversial points in Scottish history as it transformed Scotland from Catholic to Protestant. It forbade holding Mass, approved the Protestant religion, and revolted against French control.

More about the Scottish Reformation


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