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December 2009
Child playing Bagpipes

Last Month's Survey Question:
Which of the following electronics do you prefer?
Technopipes- 24.7%
Technochanter- 13%
Deger II Electronic Chanter- 28.6%
Ross Electronic Bagpipes- 13%
Redpipes- 2.6%
Other- (including Macpipes, the original Deger, Gibson) 22.1%

This Month's Survey Question:
Do/Did your kids want to follow in your footsteps and become pipers/drummers?
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(Note: Survey is only able to accept the first 100 responses.)

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Pipe Bands
Worlds 2009 CD Vol 1

We have the World Pipe Band Championships 2009 in CD and DVD. These will make a great Christmas gift!

Pipe Bands
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Here are some current reviews:

Bag Cover
"This is an excellent bag cover, the materials are top notch and sizing was PERFECT unlike other covers I've played on. The bag has a zipper along the bottom, which is great since I play a Ross canister bag, and has velcro closure on the back, which keeps the bag's zipper out of view, and helps give the cover a really sharp look. After putting it on my pipes it felt like I was playing a whole new instrument, as slipping problems that I'd had with my last cover were eliminated (thanks to the added dycem patch, which I strongly recommend ordering the cover with) allowing me to play with much less effort. I'd recommend these covers to any player at any level, and I plan to play only Highland Gear covers in the future.

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December is here, which means only a few weeks until Christmas!
Make sure that you place your orders soon and choose the shipping options that will ensure you receive your parcels on time.

Canadapost has provided some delivery deadlines to make sure that your packages arrive in time for the Holidays. The earlier you ship, the more you save!:

Within Canada:
Expedited post- Dec 11
Express post- Dec 22
Priority Overnight- Dec 23

To the US:
Airmail & Expedited- Dec 4
Express post- Dec 14
Priority Worldwide- Dec 21

Airmail- Dec 1
Express Post- Dec 7

Dec 24 - Jan 3 We will be Closed for Christmas. We will be back in the office Jan 4th.

Jan 23 Saskatoon Robbie Burns Night.

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Celtic Christmas

11 Celtic Christmas Themes

Since its early beginnings the Celtic Christian Church drew inspiration on the pagan traditions of the past. Many of our present day customs have their roots in the druidic or Wiccan rites of long ago.

The winter solace starts on the 21st December and is the shortest day in the year. Pagans believed in holding a festival of the sun to encourage its return and bring good fortune and bountiful crop with it. Accompanying this were a number of practices still very much in evidence today over the festive season.

There are so many ways to add a Celtic flair to your holiday season- Yule logs, Holly, Mistletoe, Advent Wreaths, Candles, Catching the Wren, Hogmanay, Little Christmas, Celtic Knots, Christmas Cake, and First Footing.

Find out about these Celtic Christmas Traditions and their meanings.

Celtic Christmas Traditions


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