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July 2009

Last Month's Survey Question:
What kind of Pipe Bag do you use?
Bannatyne Synthetic 8%
Bannatyne Hide Synthetic 31%
Gannaway Hide Bag 10%
L&M Hide Bag 17%
L&M Scotian 7%
Canmore Bag 10%
Ross Canister Bag 18%
Other (including Monarch, Moose, Sheepskin, Kangaroo) 16%

This Month's Survey Question:
What kind of Chanter Reed do you play?
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Product Reviews
Walsh Smallpipes

Walsh Mouth Blown Smallpipes
"These are a joy to play. Sometimes I have to force myself to play my GHB instead of my smallpipes. Also, when I was trying to decide what key, or to go to shuttle pipes, Rob gave me great advice."

Red Hot Chilli Pipers- Bagrock to the Masses CD
"I love how all instruments are combined in a proper way and its not just noise. its WOW its awsome!! the world of rock and the world of piping combined. :-) "

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Pipe Bands-
Looking for a great way to let others know about your band and maybe get some new members? Let our readers know about any events you may be holding and what competitions you may be attending over the summer.
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July 12-17 L ake Diefenbaker Pipe School

July 16 Lake Diefenbaker Pipe School Ceilidh
An evening of fine Scottish entertainment at Hitchcock's Hideway on Lake Diefenbaker. Admission $10 at the door. Contact Hitchock's Hideaway for accomodations

July 16-19 Ness Creek Music Festival

July 25-26 Edinburgh Clan Gathering

July 31-Aug 1
Glen garry Highland Games, North American Championships- Maxville, ON

Aug 2 Mont real Highland Games

Aug 13-15 Saskatoon Folkfest

Aug 14-16 Northern Lights Bluegrass & Old Tyme Music Festival

Aug 14-15 Edmonton Celtic Festival

Aug15 World Piping Championships- Glasgow, Scotland
-8,000 pipes & drums, 200 bands, 1 world champion!

This Month's Video Clip:
Is a set of brand new Blackwood pipes too expensive for you?
Check out this creative alternative.

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Featured Article
Techno Chanter

Try An Electonic Chanter

As summer finally begins, you may be heading to the lake, but not everyone wants to cart their pipes with them. Here is an alternative:

The Fagerstrom Techno Chanter is available in clear or black plastic. The earphones (or speakers) connect to the upper end which switches on the chanter. It is powered by three 1.5V batteries, which should give you a lifetime of about 50 hours.

The contacts are electrical, not mechanical (meaning they do not have to be pressed down to achieve contact). They are about 3mm in diameter, and their highest point is slightly above the surface of the pipe in order to get a better feel for their positions. There is a control for volume and for sensitivity, since dry fingers can be poor conductors, and sweaty fingers can short circuit the contact.

When you let go of the chanter, it will go silent until you start playing again. For a set level of volume, the volume of each note differs. For example, the low G has a higher volume than low A, and high A has the lowest volume of all notes. This is creating the characteristic birl, slur, and grip sound etc., and they will sound as crisp as on the pipes. The sound is somewhere in between the pipes and the ordinary practice chanter. Unlike an ordinary practice chanter, you can play C naturals and F naturals. It is tuned in the same key as the GHB and is pitch alterable to be able to tune it to a CD on your stereo. The low A goes from 434Hz up to 481Hz in steps of 3Hz, with 466Hz as default. There is no drone sound.

On the circuit board there is an extremely accurate crystal oscillator timing the microprocessor. All the circuits and discrete components are surface mounted according to the latest technology, in order to guarantee a high quality. A lot of effort has been put into securing that the electronic circuits are not damaged by electrostatic discharge.

The length of the pipe is 225mm and the diameter is 16mm. Despite the small dimensions this is a full-size practice chanter and the spacing of the contacts is the same as the spacing of the holes on a pipe chanter. The dimensions together with the low weight of approx. 50g make this chanter very portable indeed.

Techno Chanter


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