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May 2009
Child Piper

Last Month's Survey Question:
What Type of Moisture Control do you Use?
Ross Canister System 26.3%
Kinnaird Kanister System 18.4%
Bottle Trap 7.9%
Sponge Tube 6.6%
No Moisture Control 25%
Other (including shepherd drone enhancers, Gibson water trap, homemade water trap) 18.4%

This Month's Survey Question:
At what age did you begin playing the bagpipes?

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Don't forget to Sign Up for the 2009 Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School July 12-17th.
This year's instructors include: John Fisher, Ken Eller, and Bob Warroll.
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May 30-31 Tattoo Regina

June 4-6 Regina Mosaic

June 14 Grand Prairie Highland Games

June 20 Man itoba Highland Gathering, Selkirk, MB

June 27 Red Deer Highland Games

June 28 Bands on the Boardwalk Scottish Festival, Winnipeg Beach, MB

June 28 Edmonton Scottish Highland Gathering

Win a $500 Cut Knife shopping spree. Spend $20 or more on Cut Knife products (swords, folding knives, dirks, etc.) to be entered. Draw date is Nov. 30. Ask us for more details.

This Month's Video Clip:
I'm sure we've all done this at some point or another.
Human Bagpipes

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Featured Article

Pipe Band Practice Tips

Here are some tips that might help your band practices run more smoothly.

Show up on time and be prepared! Practice will run smoother and be more focused.

Many practices only run for an hour or two. Devote 75% of your practice time to only the music. You can discuss band business at the end of practice.

Listen to the Pipe Major. He (or She) knows what he's talking about. That doesn't mean that your input is not valuable.

Run through all of your competition music at least once. Make sure that everyone knows every piece that you plan to perform.

Use your practice chanters to focus on individual playing and finger glitches.

Focus on what's not working. Keep breaking it into smaller parts until you can solve the problem.

Even though you may have been playing for years, it never hurts to practice the basics.

Hopefully these tips will help to get your band in great shape for competition season.


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