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April 21, 2009
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Last Month's Survey Question:
What is your worst piping issue?
-Tuning Issues 16.2%
-Not Practicing Enough 16.2%
-Squealing 2.7%
-Fingering 8.1%
-Blowing Pressure 10.8%
-Other 54.1%: politics, timing, holding & cutting notes, isolation & money, moisture control, and more.

This Month's Survey Question:
What Type of Moisture Control do you Use?
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Featured Pipe Band
GM Pipe Band

The General Motors Pipe Band
-submitted by Gord Cairns

"I was living in Whitby, ON in the 1960s and had a band in Oshawa. George Campbell, who was brought out from Glasgow to play with the City of Toronto, lived in Ajax. We met up at a parade at a legion function, became friends, and decided to start up a band in the Oshawa area. We started off with four pipers and called ourselves the Oshawa and District Pipe Band. We played at the indoor games as a quartet, didn't get anywhere but we were keen. Bill Livingstone heard us and asked if he could join us, seeing as he lived in Whitby. We rented a hall in Oshawa for our first practices and a few more pipers and a couple of drummers decided to join us. One of the drummers, Lou Grennier, knew that G.M. had a band at an earlier time and there were uniforms to be had if we would consider changing our name.

So the General Motors Band was formed with nine pipers, three sides and a bass. It was strictly a competing band and we entered right off the bat into grade two. We struggled the first year, but we kept on. The second year we started to take a few thirds and the third year we were always second to the Guelph Pipe Band. The next year we won every competition in Ontario including Canadian and International at Thousand Islands games. By that time we had attracted more pipers and drummers, including Bill Livingstone SR. I left the band at that time but I understand the band was upgraded to grade one.

Something happened at General Motors and the band dissolved. Bill Livingstone became the Pipe Major of City of Toronto, the forerunner of the Scottish Lion 78th Frasers."

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Mike Meyers Dressed to Kilt

This photo of Mike Meyers showing a little leg is from the Dressed To Kilt event that was held in New York on March 30th. To see more photos from the event, click on the photo.

May 9 Vancouver Island Spring Tattoo

May 16 Comox Valley Highland Games

May 16 Moose Jaw Highland Games

May 17 Regina Highland Games

May 16-17 Victori a Highland Games

May 18 Victoria Day- We will be closed.

May 30-31 Tattoo Regina

Don't forget to sign up for the 2009 Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School July 12-17th.
This year's instructors include: John Fisher, Ken Eller, and Bob Warroll.
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This Month's Video Clip:
Here's a great clip from "So I Married an Axe Murderer" starring Mike Meyers.
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Featured Article
Piping Competition

To Compete or Not To Compete

If you are considering going into competitions this season, here are some pros and cons that may help you to decide:

Competitions can be highly stressful. Some people do not perform well under pressure and don't like performing in front of crowds of strangers. If you don't have a good performance or don't get a great review, it can be discouraging. You have to be prepared to be compared to other performers.
Another thing to consider is that competitions may not be available in your area. Travelling can be expensive and time consuming. Practicing in preparation for a competition will also take up a lot of your time. If you perform at weddings, funerals, and other engagements, you may need to give them up in order to attend competitions.

Preparing for a competition gives you a specific goal to work towards. You may be more focused and pay attention to details because you will want to do your best. Although you may get feedback from friends and fellow pipers, at a competition you will get an objective view of your performance and will receive constructive feedback on what you need to work on.
Performing at a competition will help you to overcome any pressure you may feel about performing in front of others, especially a large crowd of strangers! Competitions are great places to meet other pipers, who can give you tips and share competition stories. Their performances may inspire you to keep practicing. If you do well, they will acknowledge your great performance. If you don't do so well, they will offer support and encourage you to keep practicing and competing.

Thanks to those who responded to our "What's Under Your Kilt" question.
Here are some of the responses you sent us:
-At OUR age, we need all the support we can get.
-Nothing is worn. It's all in good working order.
-Eff yer hands air warm and yer fingernails air clean, ye can reach oop and find oot fer yerself.

Get your pipes ready for Competition


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