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March 2009
Piping Issues

Last Month's Survey Question:
If you could meet and play with any Piper in the world (living or deceased), who would it be? There were so many great answers. Here are some of the re-ocurring ones: Angus McColl, Jim McGillivray, G.S. McLennan, Jack Lee, Chris Armstrong, Gordon Duncan, John D Burgess, a lot of people chose their own grandparents, and there was one vote for Rob Kinnaird!

This Month's Survey Question:
What has been your worst piping issue?
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Pipe Band
SFU 2008 Worlds

Joining a Pipe Band

If you're considering joining a pipe band, here are some tips for finding the right band and what to expect.

First, you have to find a pipe band in your area. We have a listing of pipe bands and contact information on our website. If you can't find one in your area there, you can also look on other piping websites such as Bob Dunsire's Bagpipe Web Directory to find pipe band listings. If you know any other pipers, ask them if they know what bands are in your area. Your piping instructor will likely know what pipe bands are around and, if there is more than one available, which one you may be better suited for. You can also post a message on piping forums.

There are various types of pipe bands. Some compete in multiple competitions, some only play for local events, and some get together just for fun. There are bands that play numerous tunes, while others play a smaller selection. Some pipe bands practice and perform constantly, while others may only hold occasional practices and perform a couple of times a year. If possible, try to attend a practice or two before joining to get a sense of what kind of band it might be and to find out what is required of new members.

Once you've found a band that seems to suit your needs, contact the Pipe Major. Some bands may require you to learn various tunes and audition. Others may take you without even hearing you play a note. Make sure you know what kind of commitment your band requires for practices and performances.

Pipe Bands- We need your help!!
We want to feature you in our newsletters. Send us an email with a band photo and a short write up. Include any links or videos that you would like us to post.

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Happy St Patty's Day

March 7 @ 5:00- 6:00pm Wilson School of Highland Dance 20th Anniversary at the Odeon Events Centre

March 11-15 Vancouver Celticfest

March 17 Irish Fest at Odeon Events Centre, Doors open at 8pm, contact Tera Maguire [email protected]

March 17 Happy St. Patrick's Day

This Month's Video Clip:
This clip features a performance by Johnny Bagpipes. You may recognize some of the tunes he performs in this medley.
Johnny Bagpipes

If you've got a video clip you'd like to share, send it to us!

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Featured Article
What's Under Your Kilt?

"The Question"

As a proud Kilt-wearing Scot, you probably get asked "The Question" all the time. What's under your kilt? Here is a list of quirky, but clean comebacks that you can test out the next time you are posed the question.

10) A lady doesn't ask and a gentleman doesn't tell!

9) My socks and shoes/boots!

8) The usual.

7) Only my wife knows.

6) Just what God gave me!

5) I usually get up and wear whatever I wore the night before.

4) If you were man enough to wear a kilt, what would you wear under it?

3) My Scottish pride.

2) Talcum powder.

1) (in your best William Wallace impression) Freedom!!!

If you've got any great responses to "The Question", email them to us and we'll post them in our next newsletter.

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