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January 2009

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If you could choose one Piping related item to find in your stocking or under your tree, what would it be ?
Piping Books- 28.6%
Drone Reeds- 10.7%
Chanter Reeds- 17.9%
Maintenance Items- 3.6%
Piper's Pal Products- 3.6%
Other- 39.3% (including New Pipes, Saul Tuners, pipe cases, and DVDs)

This month's Question:
What would help you to improve your playing?
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Featured Band
SFU Pipe Band Worlds 2008

Pipe Band Music

There are so many great pipe bands all over the world, including right here in Canada. Many of the top bands have CDs available, and we keep many of them in stock.
If you can't find a band you're looking for, let us know and we'll see if we can track it down for you!

Here are some of our favorites:

Alberta Caledonia- A top Grade One Pipe Band with members across Western Canada. Their CD, Another Round, is in stock.

Simon Fraser University Pipe Band- Located in Burnaby, BC. They were the winners of the 2008 World Pipe Band Championships. Check out thier 4 CDs- On Home Ground, On Home Ground 2, Down Under, and Live at Carnegie Hall.

Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band- A Grade One Pipe Band from Ulster. They've got two CDs including Unplugged, and Recharged, recorded live at the Royal Glasgow Concert Hall.

1st Batallion Black Watch Pipes & Drums- This band has a Worldwide reputation. Check out the Ladies from Hell.

Victoria Police Pipe Band- Located in Victoria, Australia, this band participates in numerous events throughout the year. Check out their CD Masterblasters.

To hear a mixture of the World's Top Bands, check out our World Championship CDs.

We Want to Feature your Pipe Band!!
Send us an email with a band photo and a short write up. Include any links or videos that you would like us to post.

More Pipe Band CDs
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We are offering FREE shipping from Jan 7- 13 on all IN STOCK orders of $50 or more. Simply enter "Kinnaird Bagpipes" in the coupon code at check out and we'll do the rest.

2009 is the year of Scotland Homecoming

Jan 24 Saskatoon Robbie Burns Night

Feb 21 Winnipeg Scottish Festival

March 7 5:00-6:00pm Wilson School of Highland Dance 20th Anniversary at the Odeon Events Centre

March 11-15 Vancouver Celticfest

March 17 4:00pm-11pm Irish Fest at Odeon Events Centre contact Tera Maguire

March 17 Happy St. Patrick's Day

The Haggis Hunt
The is holding its annual Haggis Hunt. For more details or to join the hunt, check out their website.

This Month's Video Clip:
You've probably heard of Guitar Hero, but "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" has created something new.
Bagpipe Hero

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Featured Article
Robbie Burns

Happy 250th, Robbie!

Robbie Burns, known as Scotland's Favorite Son, the Ploughman Poet, and the Bard, was a Scottish poet and lyricist. Some of his most well known works include Auld Lang Syne, Scots Wha Hae, A Red Red Rose, To a Mouse, and many more. This year marks the 250th Anniversary of his birth.

Robbie was born Jan 25, 1759, in Alloway, South Ayrshire, Scotland. He was the oldest of 7 children in a farming family. Although he received little regular schooling, Burns was taught by his father.

His first poem was inspired by a girl who assisted him during the harvest. He later wrote songs and poems about several women who crossed his path.

Burns formed Tarbolton Bachelor's Club. He became a Freemason at Lodge St. David. Through his life he would attend several lodge meetings all over Scotland.

Burns was known for his casual love affairs. He had his first illegitimate child with his mother's servant. His relationship with Jean Armour, who he later married, resulted in 9 children, but only 3 lived past infancy. He had an affair with Mary Campbell, and planned to emigrate to Jamaica together, but Mary died of fever. Some speculate that her death was due to childbirth complications. In total, Burns was known to father 13 children.

The first collection of his verse was Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect (known as the Kilmarnock Edition). He was invited to Edinburgh to oversee a revised edition. Here he made a lasting impression on several people and gained great admiration. Constant themes in his works include republicanism, patriotism, class inequalities, gender roles, and benefits of socializing.

He met James Johnson who had a love of old Scots songs and wanted to preserve them. Burns agreed to help him and contributed about 200 songs to the Scots Musical Museum collection.

Burns, aging prematurely, died on July 21, 1796 at the age of 37. His son Maxwell was born on the day of his funeral. A memorial edition of his poems was published to raise money for his family.

So, this January 25th, celebrate the 250th birthday of Scotland's Favorite Son, Robbie Burns!

Don't forget your haggis!!


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