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May 2008
Scottish Beach Towels

New Products: Scottish Beach Towels- Available in Rampant Lion and Saltire.

Pewter Rampant Lion and Thistle Kilt Pins, Lion and Thistle Buckles, Thistle, Lion, and Luckenbooth Brooches, and Celtic Cross Brooches/Pendants.

We also have a new CD called "Burn It Up" featuring Red Hot Rabbie Burns Tracks!

Thank you to everyone who filled out our survey. We appreciate your feedback. Many of the suggestions will be featured in upcoming newsletters. The winner of the Piper's Pal Prize Pack was Brian Gunnell.

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Featured Band
MacGillivray Pipe Band

The MacGillivray Pipe Band of Thunder Bay

The MacGillivray Pipe Band, founded in 1917 by Dr. T. D. MacGillivray and Peter Fraser Sr., is said to be one of the oldest private Pipe Bands with continuous service in North America and has just celebrated its 90th birthday.

Originally formed to provide music for troops on their way to World War I, the MacGillivray Pipe Band has provided entertainment throughout the United States and Canada. They have played for Queen Elizabeth and other members of the Royal Family, Prime Ministers and Premiers, and took part in the Rose Bowl Parade in 1972.

They have competed and won trophies at various highland games, in Thunder Bay, Manitoba, St. Paul, Minnesota, and the Scottish World Festival in Toronto. To date, close to 500 members have moved through the ranks of the Band and they currently have 28 playing members.

The Band proudly commits itself to the service of their community by offering many public concerts in local venues throughout the year, and represents their city by traveling to Little Canada, Minn., one of our "sister" cities every year in August. This year will be their 32nd visit. They also play for a large number of Charity organizations free of charge. They participated as a band in 29 various events last year.

The MacGillivray Pipe Band is a "teaching" band and offers free tutoring to piping and drumming students.

-submitted by Bill Ross, Pipe Major.

If you would like to see your band featured in our newsletter, please email us a short description of your band and a band photo.

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Don't forget to sign up for the 6th Annual Lake Diefenbaker Piping School.
July 13-18, 2008, Birsay, SK.

May 2008
May 3 Vancouver Island Spring Tattoo 7 pm, Archie Browning Sports centre, Victoria (Esquimalt)

May 17 Comox Valley Highland Games

May 17 - Moose Jaw Highland Games

May 18 - Regina Highland Games

May 17 & 18 Victoria Highland Games

May 30-31 Tattoo Regina
May 30 evening Show
May 31 2 pm show
May 31 evening Show.

June 2008
June 5-7 Regina Mosaic

June 21 Red Deer Highland Games

June 22 Ellerslie Highland Games

June 29- Bands on the Boardwalk Scottish Festival, Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park

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Feature Article
McCallum AB4

Bagpipe Maintenance- The Wood

The wood is the heart of the instrument, and it needs to be in good condition.

Check the bores of each section and the stocks. They should be smooth, clean, and without any obstructions. Well made instruments will have smooth bores. If the bores are rough, you can smooth them out with steel wool on a cleaning rod, or have a pipe maker/repairer do this for you. If the bores are dirty, a few good oilings with quality bore oil will remove most of the built up dirt.

Also check each section for cracks. A crack that leaks air can cause all sorts of problems. Pay particular attention to the wood underneath the ferrules, the stocks, and the tuning chambers of the drones. These are the most common areas where cracks will start. If you have a crack, have it repaired as soon a possible by a competent bagpipe maker/repairer. The crack will only get worse, not better.

The drone bushings in the top of each drone can become loose as the wood and glue age. Leaks around the bushes are quite common and can cause some serious drone instability. To check for leaks, remove the top section of each drone and plug the bush with a rubber stopper, or your finger. Blow in through the other end and check for leaks. If there is a leak, the bush will have to be removed and re-glued into the drone top. If you are not comfortable doing this, have a competent bagpipe maker/repaired do this for you.

Bore Oil


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