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April 2008
Adjustable Blow Pipe

Adjustable Blow Pipes are on Special!

Senior Adjustable Blow Pipe All plastic for only $85! Imitation Ivory $90 or Nut Mount $100!
Junior sizes are also available. All Plastic for $80, Imitation Ivory for $90, or Nut Mount for $105.

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Enter To Win a Piper's Pal Prize Pack!!!

Just fill out the short survey and send it back to us. Everyone who returns the survey will be entered to win a Piper's Pal Prize Pack valued at over $100! It includes- 1 Piper's Pal, 1 Piper's Pal Reed Protector, 1 Recharge Kit for the Piper's Pal, and 1 Recharge Kit for the Piper's Pal Reed Protector.

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Massed Band

May 17 Comox Valley Highland Games

May 17 - Moose Jaw Highland Games

May 18 - Regina Highland Games

May 17 & 18 Victoria Highland Games

May 30-31 Tattoo Regina
May 30 evening Show
May 31 2 pm show
May 31 evening Show.

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Feature Article

What's in your sporran?

"Sporan" is the Gaelic word for purse. Although not initially part of Highland Dress, they have become an integral part of the ensemble. With so many variations available today, it has made a huge transformation from the small purse of deerskin that used to hang at the waist. There are numerous varieties available: Leather sporrans with decorative cantles and tassels; Horsehair for those who like the swish as they march; for the fur lovers, badger, calf, rabbit, muskrat, sealskin, or full mask sporrans. The possibilities seem endless. In fact, our website offers the opportunity to build your own sporran!!!

Many ask the question "what's under your kilt?" but have you ever asked what's in your sporran? For many, it acts as a pocket or a wallet, holding money and car keys, but for some it can hold a lot more. There are many Scots who carry a small flask of whisky in their sporran. Some pipers carry maintenance items in their sporran- hemp, tape, whatever they may need. Historically, a sporran could carry one's food rations for the day. One sporran in the National Museum in Edinburgh has a cantle with 4 concealed pistols! So when choosing your sporran, don't only think about what it looks like, but what you might want to put into it.

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