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September 2007
Starter Kit

Just starting out? Try a Kinnaird starter kit complete with a McCallum Practice Chanter, spare practice chanter reed, and the NPC Tutor and CD. Get off to a great start with Kinnaird's!!

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New CD's

Looking for something a little more upbeat with a rock sound?

We are constantly updating our CD collection.

Check out a modern sounding piper with Chris Armstrong CD's- Quantum Leap, X-Treme, and Notes in Ma Heid.

Check out our Keltik Elektrik collection for bagpipe music you can party to! Rock on!!

Also now available is the John Cairns- All Through the Ages CD. This CD includes innovative tracks that each tell a musical story.

Lord Todd CDs and DVDs are also available. Get them while they last!!

Neill Drum sticks have just arrived!! Check out a pair today!

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Feature Article

The History of Bagpipes

What would give anyone the idea to put some sticks into an animals stomach and blow on them?? A hornpipe-like instrument was the first of its sort, but it is unclear when the bag was attached. Similar instruments were used in the Middle East long before the birth of Christ. They have been an important aspect of Scottish life since Medieval times.

In 400 BC, Ancient Greeks used bagpipes made with man's best friend. That's right, a dog skin bag with bones for chanters!!! Emperor Nero was said to have played the pipes. It is also said that the pipes were present at the famed Battle of Bannockburn in Scotland in 1314. For over 1000 years, the pipes have been associated with the Celtic race.

Although the Highland Bagpipes are the most common in the world, there are actually over 30 varieties. Since their history was first studied in the 18th century, the bagpipes' distinct sound and appearance has become recognizable throughout the world.


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