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July 2007

Beach towels and hats for summer!

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Keltik Elektrik and Celtica Salsa CD's now in stock - party with the pipes

L&M Scotians back in stock

L&M build a custom Sporran, very cool!

We are seeking Instructors to work with. We will post links to instructors by area and have some great specials. Please let us know who you are!

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Pipe Band

Let us post a link to your band! Let us know your events and we will post them!

Stop in and see us on the road!

  • July 16th-20th - Lake Diefenbaker Pipe School

  • August 3 - 4 - Glengarry Highland Games, North American Championships Maxville, ON

  • August 5 - Montreal Highland Games

    August 16 - 18
  • Saskatoon Folkfest

    Donations in June were made to:
    • Lord Selkirk Boys Pipe Band
    Clans, Celts and Clover is proud to be a part of the Crescent Curio Project in Saskatoon. We will put up a display that celebrates the Immigrant process to the Canadian Prairies from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. This display will include interviews from first generation immigrants of the past and present. It will show the journey, and compare homeland experiences with life in Canada. We will be displaying photographs, artifacts, and presenting trivia.

    If you or a family member would like to participate in our project, please contact us and we will send you an interview form. All participants will receive a $25 gift certificate. We are collecting artifacts and photographs to display as well. Anyone who would like to donate or lend us these items, please contact us. This project will be on display starting August 28th.

  • List of Events
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    Feature Article

    Football (soccer) fever is about to strike in Canada. The FIFA under 20 World Cup is June 30 - July 22 in Canada! Events occur in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Burnaby, and Victoria. Tickets can be purchased at ticketmaster.

    FIFA Facts:

    • Canada's star player is David Edgar a 19 year old Ontario native
    • This is Canada's 8th appearance in the tournament. Their last appearance was in 2005.
    • Canada's best finish was in 2003 when they reached the quarter final
    • Canada is currently ranked 94th
    • Current rankings: 1. Italy, 2. Brazil, 3. Argentina
    • Senior world cup occurs every 4 years. The next tournament is in 2010 in South Africa


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